Self Care Essentials

As we all experience being in isolation during these uncertain times of COVID- 19, our health and well being is so important. It can be a time to reflect but also a time to focus on YOU. Self care is important, we must still embrace & remain grateful for the many good things in our life whilst embracing our mind and body. So what will you do for YOURSELF?

I know that times can be testing, for me I struggled the first two weeks with juggling kids at home ( who eat all the time), home schooling whilst working from home and also trying to balance some time for me so I could nuture my mental health! In this time many are also struggling financially with saddening job losses and generally less work.. so i have put together a short, budget friendly guide to SELF CARE opportunities and treats that we can all do!

1. Online Fun

Log online and chat with family and friends. This is the closest we will get to catching up with our loved ones and it is sure to bring a smile in your heart and your face. We use 'Hangout' and 'ZOOM' here at home, but im sure other platforms like Facetime, Facebook messenger and WhatsApp are another avenue for warm chats and fun.

2. Soak away the Stress

Run a bath and pop some Magnesium Flakes in for the ultimate timeout. These flakes are cost effective but better will leave you feeling like a million dollars! Did you know that topical magnesium can do wonders for stress, anxiety and sleep issues. Our bodies actually need magnesium for over 200 bodily functions so if you are low in magnesium it can affect your energy levels and emotions as well. For an extra bit of luxe, put a drop of your favourite essential oils in there too! I love lavender ( especially before bed)

3. Let's Mask it up!

Face Masks are such a luxurious treat and popping a simple sheet mask on, having a cup of tea whilst taking time out is another way to force yourself to stop and relax. Sheet masks have come a long way, with so many different types that suit all ages and skin conditions! All of the face masks we stock are natural, vegan and biodegradable which means they are kind on you and our planet .. such a clean, green treat!

4. Calm Chai

Brew a cup of chai goodness! There is something about chai and how it smells from the moment it is brewed it promotes calmness and that is even before you drink it. Chai is fragrant tea which is the perfect when you need a break from the business and stresses of life,with its natural ingredients that can help to look after your well being both inside and out. You can brew a pot to share or a cup for you, choosing either a wet or dry chai blend.

chai wellness health natural fair trade

5. Mind Stillness is Key

Meditate, a quiet mind space is essential daily! Whether it be a quiet walk reading a book or just listening to nature it is important to take time to quieten the noise and chatter of the mind. Even if you a re not a skilled Yogi, there are so many ways you can learn and even do short ten minute meditation exercises. I was never into meditation but my 10 minutes a day of beginners meditation was something to look forwards to! Treat your mind and let go of all the chatter and stresses of the world around you, you will thank me later. Here is a list of FREE meditation apps to get you started

Self care is not selfish its necessary for all of us, we need to thrive and recharge so we can support those around us and also, maintain the day to day life necessities.

Stay safe, 

Be well, M xx


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