One of the things we’re getting asked for a lot at the Well Store right now is our sunscreen recommendations. Which is fantastic as we head into Summer! It’s great to see so many of you keen to protect your skin in the safest and most natural way possible.

 So, as requested, here are some of our favourite chemical-free, natural sunscreens for safe fun in the sun!

 We’ve got everything covered here, with options for face, body, and even baby! All of these natural sunscreens are free of controversial chemicals like oxybenzone that may cause irritations, allergic reactions, and harm marine life – so you can slip, slop, slap in confidence!

 First, let’s run through what natural sunscreen is, and how it works compared to conventional sun protection, so you can understand what you’re buying.

 What is natural sunscreen?

 Instead of relying on chemicals that absorb the sun’s rays, natural sunscreen uses natural minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to physically block UVA and UVB. These minerals create a very effective barrier on the skin, that reflects and scatters harmful rays.

 You’ll be able to spot a natural sunscreen because it will only have zinc oxide, or a combination of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, listed as the active ingredients on the label. It may also offer additional, natural skin-friendly ingredients like Rosehip or Shea Butter, to nourish your skin at the same time. How good is that?

 Why choose a natural sunscreen?

 Although sunscreen sold in Australia is regulated by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) for safety and quality, many people still want to avoid chemical sunscreen because of skin sensitivity, toxicity concerns, or allergy risks of ingredients like oxybenzone.

 Other people choose natural sunscreen to help the environment, too – studies have shown that chemical sunscreen ingredients are bad news for coral reef,  and some holiday hotspots have even banned them! This is why you now see many natural sunscreens marketed as ‘reef-friendly’ on the label (like the ones we sell at the Well Store!)

 Our top 5 natural sunscreens for Summer (and all year round!)

 Natural sunscreen for the face

 It’s a good idea to invest in a natural sunscreen for your face, as these are designed to be lightweight and invisible on the skin with no white cast. You can even get tinted and BB cream versions, which are great for those hot Summer days when you really don’t want to wear make-up!

 Give any of these a try:

 Little Urchin Natural Tinted Sunscreen SPF30, $29.95

This tinted sunscreen from Little Urchin gives your complexion a glow without the sun! Non-greasy to apply, it has Jojoba, Rosehip, and a whole host of other natural skin-loving ingredients. It’s also water-resistant for three hours and very ocean-friendly!

 little urchin susncreen tinted

Wot Not Natural Untinted BB cream sunscreen, $26.95

Anti-ageing and sun protection in one? Yes please! The plant collagen in Wot Not’s BB cream helps to minimise fine lines and wrinkles and is invisible on the skin, making it great as an under make-up primer.

wot not bb light

 Avocado Zinc Tinted Moisturiser SPF50, $40

You don’t want a heavy foundation in Summer so here’s the solution! Even out your skin and protect it at the same time with this clever, water-resistant, and easy-to-apply tinted moisturiser from Aussie brand Avocado Zinc.

Avocado Zinc spf 50 tinted

 Natural sunscreen for the body

 These formulas are great for the whole family!

 Avocado Zinc SPF50, $38.95

We love this natural sunscreen from Avocado Zinc because it uses non-nano zinc oxide, which makes it a great sunscreen for you and the environment! It goes on sheer and uses natural oils like Avocado and Kakadu Plum to soothe the skin, making it perfect for anyone with skin sensitivity. You can even use it on baby!

Avocado Zinc Spf 50

 Surfmud The Lotion SPF30, $24.95

Love to swim and surf? This is the sunscreen for you! It’s made for active ocean lovers, with a sweat-resistant formula and natural skin conditioners like beeswax and Jojoba for max protection in the waves.

 Little Urchin Natural Sunscreen SPF30, $24.95

Another good one for all-over use is Little Urchin! Smooth, clear, fragrance-free, and non-greasy, you can use this on even the most sensitive skin.

 Natural sunscreen for babies and kids

 Although most natural sunscreen is suitable for even your smallest family members, there are specific ones you can get for babies and children. Try one of these:

 Jack n Jill Natural Sunscreen SPF30, $19.95

This handy tube of sunscreen is suitable for little ones 6 months+. Water-resistant for three hours, it contains soothing Camomile and Calendula as well.

 Surfmud Baby Sunscreen SPF30, $24.95

Just like Surfmud’s regular sunscreen, if your baby loves the water, give this a try! This clear lotion protects and nourishes baby’s sensitive skin in and out of the pool and the ocean.

 Discover more natural sunscreen options

 Explore our full range of natural sunscreen and sun protection here. Whichever you choose, remember to apply it generously, at least 20 mins before you go out, and don’t forget to reapply it throughout the day!

 Have a safe and happy Summer and be well!

M x

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