September is HUGE news for all things organic! Not only is it National Organic Week (12-18 September), it’s also Australian Organic Awareness Month! So what’s all the fuss?

 Well, for those of you that don’t know, organic products are not labelled equal! And there are still plenty of people who haven’t caught onto why organic’s great yet, either (especially organic beauty, but more on that below...)

 So Australian Organic Awareness Month run by industry body Australian Organic aims to educate people about ‘certified organic’ to make sure that we all have a better understanding of what we’re buying – and importantly, what we aren’t. Meanwhile, the folks over at National Organic Week are busy promoting the benefits of certified organic when it comes to products, food, and farming.

 We’re obviously very passionate about the O-word at The Well Store (of course!) - so here’s our quick guide to everything organic: Labels, what they mean, and a selection of some of our favourite organic beauty brands and everyday products, which you can order and have lovingly delivered, eco-wrapped to your door! (Did we mention free AU delivery for $40 spend!)

 What does organic mean anyway – and why should we care?

 According to Australian Certified Organic (ACO Certification), if something says it’s ‘certified organic’ it means the food or produce has been grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMO’s.

 In a nutshell (organic of course) it’s a way of growing and processing things in a much better way for the planet and for us.

 Australian Certified Organic

Organic or organic certified – what’s the difference?

 Now here’s where it gets a little complicated. Did you know that ‘certified organic’ and ‘organic’ aren’t the same thing? In Australia, there are in fact no regulations about the use of the word ‘organic’ on labels (although apparently you must be prepared to back it up if you do use the O-word, says the ACCC).

 So, really, the only way to be 100% sure that what you’re buying is genuinely organic, is to look for the magic words ‘certified organic’. That means that the product or its ingredients have been independently certified as organic – so having all the right processes and systems in place - by an independent organisation. There are a few organic certifiers in Australia, such as Organic Food Chain (OFC) and Australian Certified Organic as mentioned earlier, so you may see different logos on packaging – one of the most recognisable is the ‘Bud’ logo.

Some organic beauty products use certified organic ingredients in their formulas, others are full-on certified organic brands. Either way, seeing ‘certified organic’ on the label is way better than chemicals and artificial alternatives!


Where you’ll find organic ingredients

You’ll find organic products everywhere these days – not just in the fridge and food cupboard. You’ll find organic skincare, organic beauty, household cleaners, soaps, even cloths and period products. So it’s never been easier to switch.

 Some of our favourite organic-certified brands and products

Where to start! We have plenty of organic choices when it comes to looking, feeling, and living well!

Some of our favourite and most popular organic brands include:

 La Mav

Australia’s first certified organic anti-ageing range, La Mav is all about organic skincare. It has everything – BB Creams, exfoliants, moisturisers, masks, cleansers, and more, all carefully produced to organic standards.

 la mav


Inika say they have the highest level of natural and organic certifications. Beauty and skincare never looked so good! We’re huge fans of all their make-up and skin products, they’re chemical-free and multi award-winning!


TOM Organic

We’ve talked before about the importance of eco-friendly periods – so how about organic as well? No synthetic, plastic-filled products from TOM, only ACO-certified biodegradable organic cotton. Good for you, better for the planet!



Weleda has all sorts of certifications, thanks to its focus on natural and organic ingredients. Its nourishing Skin Food is a cult celeb beauty favourite – and one of ours too!


Eco by Sonya/Eco Tan

You probably know Eco by Sonya from its incredibly successful Glory Oil – or its hugely popular Eco Tan self-tanning range! If you’ve not tried it yet, it’s a MUST. You’ll find plenty of certified organic loveliness in its ingredients.

 Dr Bronner’s

Dr Bronner’s products are famous for their rich, natural formulas that just so happen to feature certified organic ingredients, too. The 18-in-1 Pure Castile Soap range is a best-seller because it can be used (you guessed it) in umpteen different ways!

 Organic beauty & household shopping made easy

 At The Well Store, we stock all sorts of certified organic goodies. Click here to browse through our certified organic brands and products and remember – free AU delivery with $40 spend so don’t hesitate to add to cart! We’re always happy to help with product selection and tips so do get in touch if you have any Qs:

 Happy organic shopping!

Mariana x

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