Back to school (and back to work!) means it’s time to get back into the old lunchbox routine. But before you reach for your trusty bento box, I’ve got some tasty new additions for waste-free lunchboxes that you’re going to LOVE.
I’ve sourced the very latest gadgets for THE most on-trend, TikTok trending, Gram-able waste-free lunchboxes ever. But if you’ve not yet caught onto what I’m so excited about yet, read on – because before we get to the good stuff, I’m going to explain a bit more about what a waste-free lunchbox is, and why you need to get on it! 
What is a waste-free lunchbox?
A waste-free lunchbox is simply a lunch that has no throw-away packaging at all. No foil, no cling wrap, no plastic bags – just the food you’re going to eat. 
Why make the effort to pack a waste-free lunchbox? 
Have you seen the amount of lunchbox littering in school playgrounds, not to mention office bins? Lunchbox leftovers of packaging and wrapping are big contributors to landfill and ocean pollution. A bin truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean every minute and if things don’t change, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the sea by weight than fish! The good news is that things are slowly changing. In many schools there are now ‘waste-free lunchbox’ days, and the hottest office accessory isn’t the latest laptop anymore, it’s those sleek, oh-so-cool insulated water bottles. 
And it’s not hard to pack a waste-free lunchbox, either. Once you do it, you’ll see that you never needed all that cling wrap and throw-away single-use stuff at all. 
How to make waste-free lunchboxes
The golden rule is pretty simple when making waste-free lunchboxes: No wrapping or packet that must be binned! Some easy swaps for an instant waste-free lunchbox are:
Swap single-use cling wrap, sandwich bags, and foil for reusable beeswax wraps, food pouches, or BPA-free containers 
Swap single-use water or juice bottles with stainless-steel washable ones.
If you still have any single-use plastics lurking in the drawer such as cutlery, plates, and straws (which were banned in NSW last year anyway!) swap these for reusable bamboo or stainless-steel alternatives.
If you simply must use packaging, make sure it’s recyclable!
NEW additions to our waste-free lunchbox products at The Well Store!
So now that we’ve whet your appetite, feast your eyes on these waste-free lunchbox goodies that have just landed. Add to cart before your fave sells out – it’s free delivery on AU$40 spend!
The brightness! The silicone texture! The flip-handle lid! These jars are so cool (literally!) because they’re insulated. Keep snacks chilled or warm and when it’s time to eat, just pop the top. We want ALL the colours! 
Montii insulated food jar
Big enough for bento boxes and large lunch containers, this hefty lunchtime helper is great for big-eat lunch breaks. All Montiico lunch bags are water resistant, machine washable, and aluminium lined so there is zero plastic touching food. Each bag even comes with its own food-safe certified freezable gel pack that fits into its own pocket for condensation-free cool dinners. Montiico lunch bags are also available in a medium size ($37.95) and come in a range of custom prints.
Montiico insulated large lunch bag
How cute are these bright bottles! Great for little hands to handle with an easy, leak-proof sports spout, the double-wall stainless-steel Mini Bottles keep drinks cool for at least 12 hours and can be cleaned in the dishwasher with no worry about damaging the colour. They’re BPA-free, completely recyclable, and suitable for all ages, including under 3s! 
Bento box lunches remain all the rage so stand out from the crowd with these gorgeous, colourful new boxes from the Little Lunch Box Co. Available as three-compartment or five-compartment boxes, you can fit in all the lunchtime goodies your heart desires, without the worry of spills. No more uneaten school dinners, and a lunchbox you can look forward to opening! They’re also BPA-free and dishwasher top-rack safe.
Bento lunch box
Designed to perfectly fit Little Lunch Box Co Bento Boxes, these colourful sweet silicone cups keep bento snacks in place all day long! Soft, safe, and easy to clean in the dishwasher, you can keep your cups ready to go in the fridge, too, for super-fast lunch box packing. They’re also oven-safe, for baked snacks! We LOVE them!
Bento cup food divider
More waste-free lunchbox products at the Well Store
Don’t forget to browse our whole range of fantastic waste-free lunchbox products – lunchtime will never be boring again! We have:
Happy lunchbox making!

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