What Do I Do With My Soft Plastics?

If you were one of the hundreds of thousands of people who used the REDcycle Soft Plastics Recyling Scheme, which was available at Woolworths and Coles Supermarkets, then you may probably be scratching your head as to what to do with your soft plastics? The program has ceased indefinitely as of the 9th November 2022, so what's next?

soft plastics

We have done a bit of researching, to find out what you can still do with your soft plastics and even reduce them altogether.

First step is, is that we would encourage you to reduce your plastic waste by:

  • Take reusable bags when shopping, that includes reusable produce bags for your fruit and veg. Need reusable produce bags? Try here
  • Shopping in bulk at store like the @sourceBulkfoods where everything is weighed and packed in reusable or biodegradable packaging.
  • But if this not an option for you, then shopping mindfully and refusing or reducing plastic packaging like fresh produce in soft plastic packaging, meat, seafood etc. Choosing loose items from fresh produce to butcher and deli products (which is usually cheaper) can reduce your plastic waste by a heap!
  • Shop at your local Growers’ Markets, not only will you reduce waste, you are also getting fresher produce and cutting out the middle man which means better for your hip pocket too. For a list of local Growers/ Farmers Markets: https://farmersmarkets.org.au/find-a-market/
  • Make your own co-op group and buy in bulk with local family and friends, dividing bulk food items ( both fresh and dry produce) which is cheaper, fresher and supporting local farmers or search for a local co-op group in your area. Not sure how to start a Co-op? Check out some helpful inforamtion here

Councils that are running their own Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme:

Sad but true, there are not many councils within Australia that are accepting soft plastics for their own recycling program. We could only find a few that are running their own programs:

city of newcastle

Where can I drop off my soft plastics other than REDcycling Scheme?

  • Become part of the Curby recycling program who will collect your soft plastics. To check if your area is eligible for the Curby recycling program, click HERE
  • Thornleigh Community Recycling Centre. For more information click HERE
  • Get some friends together and purchase an EcoBin who will pick up your soft plastic materials
  • If CURBY curbside recyling program is not available in your area, we suggest you contact your local council to see whether they can, as a council become part of the CURBY recycling scheme - the more the merrier!
  • Curby recycling programme



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