It’s Earth Day this Friday (22 April) – the world’s largest environmental movement - and this year organisers are asking what you will do to #InvestInOurPlanet. Join a community clean-up? Plant a tree? Ditch fast fashion? Or why not start small and detox your home a little bit - because collectively, if we all join in, it makes a big difference!

 earth day 2022

Here are five easy ways you can detox your home, live a greener life, and #InvestinOurPlanet this Earth Day. And you don’t even need to leave home - we’ll deliver your home detox swaps straight to you (for free on all orders over $40!).

 Detox your home and do an ‘act of green’ for Earth Day and hopefully beyond by:

  1. Ditching the cleaning chemicals

You don’t need to use pungent, toxic chemicals to get a sparkling home! There are greener cleaners that work just as well. Your top-rated buys include around-the-house favourite Dr Bronners 18-in-1 Pure Castille Liquid Soap, natural dishwashing liquid, and bleach-free toilet cleaner. Check out our blog here all about chemical-free cleaning!

  1. Using less plastic

Biodegradable bin bags, beeswax and silicone wraps, bamboo reusable cutlery, natural bathroom and kitchen sponges, the list goes on…! With so many plastic-free alternatives, there’s really no excuse for filling your home (and subsequently your bin, landfill, and the ocean!) with plastic anymore. Pledging to go completely plastic-free is a big change, however, so make some smaller swaps over time – you won’t even notice the difference!

Try Biotuff bin liners, reusable silicone food wraps instead of cling film, and organic cotton produce bags when you shop. We’ve also got some great plastic-free swap ideas here.

plastic free swaps

  1. Choosing natural candles and fragrances

Breathing in artificial chemicals? No thanks! Create a high-end home atmosphere with soy candles and ultrasonic essential oil diffusers. Or go traditional, with all-natural, no-synthetics pure incense or cleansing Palo Santo sticks from the forests of Peru that have a unique and refreshing aroma of pine, mint, and lemon - traditionally used to relieve all sorts of ills and ailments.

palo santo sticks

  1. Running an eco-laundry

Landfill-loving dryer sheets begone – say hello to dryer balls! These nifty chemical and waste-free woolly orbs not only soften clothes but reduce drying time too. This means less energy use – great for the planet! And whilst you’re at it, wash your clothes with soapberries instead of conventional chemical detergent. A 1kg bag gets you 365 washes and they’re super-gentle on skin!

wool dryer balls

  1. Going natural with beauty and self-care

Your make-up bag and bathroom cabinet are chock full of chemicals (just look at the labels – if you can understand them!) We’re talking cosmetics, deodorant, toothpaste, skincare, self-tan – even sanitary products! Be kinder to yourself and the earth and switch to eco alternatives. There’s a whole world of organic and vegan beauty, make-up, and skincare brands now – such as Eye of Horus, Raww, Zuii, Inika, La Mav, and many more. Plus natural deodorants, toothpaste, and for your time of the month, tampons and pads, reusable pads, menstrual cups, and period undies. Why not do a quick bathroom chemical check now –you’ll be surprised by what you’re putting on, and in, your body!

inika skincare

If you make some changes to detox your home for Earth day and beyond, don’t forget to spread the word, share your tips, and show others how easy it can be with the #InvestInOurPlanet hashtag! 

Happy Earth Day 2022!

Mariana x

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