Are you a veggie chucker? According to this week’s National Nutrition Week (16-22 Oct), 44% of Aussies admit their bought-with-good-intentions veggies end up going in the bin instead of in a dish! So to help avoid this food waste and in line with Nutrition Week’s ‘Try for 5’ campaign, we’re going to show you 5 great eco products to store vegetables and fruits and keep them fresh.

 Say goodbye to sad-looking salads, neglected new potatoes, forgotten French beans, and overlooked onions! Your health, the environment, and your wallet will thank you!

For ideas on getting the most out of your veggies, visit National Nutrition Week’s Try for 5 website. It’s full of tips to help you eat healthily and enjoy your veggies (no chucking out allowed!)

 5 fresh ways to store vegetables in the fridge & cupboard

 Here are our top 5 picks to store vegetables and fruits with no plastic food bags in sight - lightweight single-use plastic bags are so bad for the environment that the NSW Government banned them back in June. It’s definitely time to switch if you’ve not done so already!

 We’ve got everything from produce bags and nifty leftover lids to swag bags and old-school potato sacks. Don’t forget it’s free delivery Australia-wide with $40 spend!

 4myearth cotton canvas food bag (25x20cm), $16.95

These large-size pretty-patterned 100% cotton reusable produce bags from 4myearth zip up and store flat to save on space. With a food-derived inner coating, they’ll help to keep your veggies fresh for longer and can be hand or machine-washed. At the end of life, they’re completely biodegradable and are also PVC, BPA, nylon, heavy metal, and phthalates-free.

 4myearth food bag

Retro Kitchen Potato Sack, $19

Retro never goes out of fashion, so this is one home accessory you’ll be proud to hang in your kitchen. Sling your spuds into this hessian beauty that has a removable liner to keep your potatoes dry and fresh. Remember, the best place to store your spuds (and onions!) is in a cool dark place like the cupboard or pantry.

 potatoe bag

Bare & Co Reusable Organic Cotton Produce Bags (pack 6) $19.95

“Really impressed with how well these bags work to keep fruit and veg fresh.” Need we say more? This is a great starter pack to do away with plastic and get longer life from your veggies! A mix of 3 solid and 3 net 30cm x 40cm bags, they’re made from unbleached organic cotton so no chemical or plastic nasties leeching into your food!

produce bags 

The Swag Starter Pack (4 bags), $99.95

You’ve never seen produce bags like this before. The Swag’s patented three-cotton-layer design creates a breathable environment that holds moisture for your fresh produce to draw on. This pack has three sizes – two small Swags for food like grapes, cucumbers, herbs, and tomatoes, a long Swag for veggies like celery and leeks, and a large Swag for everything else! We LOVE these!

 swag starter set

Little Mashies Leftover Lids (4 pack), $19.95

Hands up if you struggle to store those half-cut tomatoes, avos, apples, oranges, and more! These clever reusable produce lids are the answer to keeping leftover vegetables and fruits fresh and reducing food waste. Simply pop over the cut side to protect your veggies from air exposure. Made from food-grade silicone, they’re dishwasher safe and BPA-free and come in a mixed pack of sizes for all types of fruits and veg.


Want more products to store vegetables & fruit?

Browse all our eco home food bags and storage products here. We have a full range - beeswax wraps, storage boxes, pouches for on-the-go, and more! If you need help, we’re more than happy to advise. Drop us an email mariana@thewellstore.com.au

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