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Biologika - Hydrating Conditioner - Citrus Rose (500ml)
Formulated to strengthen hair, a rich penetrating conditioner containing Shea butter that intensely hydrates dry...
Alaffia - Everyday Coconut Conditioner - Coconut Lime (950ml)
Alaffia's tropical coconut-lime conditioner is prepared with Ethically Traded virgin coconut oil, ultra hydrating shea butter...
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ACURE - Build-Up Balancing - Conditioner (236ml)
This new conditioner from ACURE is made with ph adjusting and clarifying hemp seed oil &...
ACURE - Daily Workout Watermelon and Blood Orange - Conditioner (236ml)
Hot yoga have your hair beyond a dry shampoo fix? Don’t sweat it! Heavy daily...
Biologika - Sensitive Conditioner - Fragrance Free (500ml)
A luxurious Fragrance Free Conditioner formulated to instantly revitalise, balance and soothe Hair and Scalp....
Ethique - Hydrating Conditioner Concentrate - Bloom (25g)
Don't like plastic bottles but not a fan of conditioners bars either? Ethique Concentrates are the answer!...
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Biologika - Cleansing Conditioner - Lemon Myrtle (500ml)
A powerful astringent and clarifying Conditioner that is formulated to benefit oily Hair and Scalp....
Lavera - Basis Sensitiv Moisturising Conditioner (150ml)
The Lavera Moisture Conditioner is an ultra-moisturising conditioner made with organic avocado and almond milk. This conditioner is...
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Lemon Myrtle Fragrances - Conditioner (250ml)
Featuring 100% natural Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil from its native home on the East coast...