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Luk Beautifood - Vitamin C Lip Nectar (10ml)
This all-in-one nourishing, botanical-rich lip food serum promotes cellular renewal and creates super moisturised smooth...
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Luk Beautifood - Pepperberry Lip Jam (20g)
Pepperberry Lip Jam is a beautiful natural red tint that plumps the lips for that...
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Luk Beautifood - Sweet Dreams Lip Mask (20g)
This moisture-recharging mask gently melts away dead skin cells, allowing active nutrients to absorb and...
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Luk Beautifood - Supergreens Lip Scrub (20g)
Supergreens Lip Scrub is a power pot of antioxidants and potent superfoods that refine lips...
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Luk Beautifood - Golden Glow Lip Polish (20g)
Golden Glow Lip Polish gently exfoliates, cleanses, and revitalizes, leaving lips deliciously soft and smooth...
Inika Organic - Certified Organic Lip Serum (5ml)
This Lip Serum is a luxurious and intensely replenishing formula for soft, nourished lips. It boasts...