Budget Friendly Christmas Gifting Guide

Saving or splurging this year? Our cost of living Christmas gift guide has presents for all! Food, kids, beauty, home, wellness & more. Free delivery $40 spend.


 The countdown to Christmas is on! Whether you’re planning a frugal-friendly cost-of-living Christmas or celebrating in style to banish the ghosts of Covid Christmas past, we have presents for every budget.

With a focus on practical, useful presents that won’t contribute to Christmas landfill, here are our top cost-of-living Christmas ‘save or splurge’ gift ideas for everyone you know and love, starting from just over $1. We’ll even ship everything for free with $40 spend – that’s Christmas, all wrapped up! But remember - Our last ordering day for Christmas delivery is: 7th Decemeber N.T & W.A. 15th December NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC, SA for standard delivery. Express Shipping 20th December NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, ACT, TAS. 15th N.T December & 19th W.A. December.

 Food & Drink Gifts


Who doesn’t love a nice calming cuppa on Christmas morning? The English Tea shop is a beautiful range of handcrafted organic and fair-trade tea blends that support local Sri Lankan farmers. Sip with sustainability!

 Splurge: English Tea Shop Super Goodness Collection, $19.95

Enjoy the benefits of superfoods, fruits, herbs, and spices with this collection of organic teas, specially blended to give a natural boost. 

The English Tea Shop

Save: English Tea Shop Happy Me Tea, $8.29

A naturally caffeine-free cup of festive happiness! Organic lemongrass herbal tea with apple, orange peels, and spices.


Why not gift a little natural sugar too, with a chocolate Santa or sweet little Carob bear?

 Splurge: Loving Earth Favourites Gift Trio, $19.20

Unsure of your gift recipient’s favourite choccy flavour? This is the solution! Salted caramel, dark chocolate, and creamy coconut varieties – Loving Earth’s best sellers - all beautifully packaged and ready to gift. Loving Earth Chocolates are made right here in Australia in Melbourne, using only plant-based ingredients, and are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, palm oil-free, and Cane Sugar-free, making this sweet present ideal for everyone. 

Save: Banjo Carob Bear, $1.20

Naturally sweet and a good-for-you treat, Banjo the Carob Bear is made from Australian-grown Carob and cacao butter. Rich in antioxidants, high in fibre, protein, and vitamins – and so cute, too! A gorgeous little stocking filler for all ages.

 Beauty Gifts

 Nail varnish

We’ve got organic and natural beauty and makeup gifts nailed (browse our range here!). We especially love Hanami vegan nail varnishes – yes even the brush is vegan!  Because did you know that mainstream nail varnish is full of chemicals? Not this one!

hanami tinsel nail polish pack 10 free

 Splurge: Hanami ‘Ten Free’ Nail Polish Mini Collection in Tinsel, $38.95

How Christmassy and sparkly are these four beautiful nail varnishes? They’re free from the 10 toxic ingredients commonly found in regular nail varnishes – including formaldehyde, parabens, and camphor. A great little set for every hand!

 Save: Hanami ‘Ten Free’ Nail Polish in Peaches, $19.95

If you can’t choose a colour, go nude! We love this Peaches shade from Hanami. The neutral tone means you can’t go wrong.


When you’re gifting skincare, you need a product that’s suitable for every skin. Step forward Weleda – its best-selling, multi-tasking Skin Food range is beloved by celebrities for good reason! The unique, deeply nourishing, and intensely hydrating 100% natural formula – unchanged since 1926 - helps to restore, soothe, and protect the roughest, driest skin. Use it on the entire body as a moisturiser, mask, or balm, and bask in the beautiful fragrance of pure essential oils.


Splurge: Weleda Skin Food Duo, $29.95 (on special!)

This gift pack includes a large 75ml and 30ml Skin Food – one for the bathroom and one for the handbag, for gorgeous skin 24/7!

 Weleda Skin Food Duo

Save: Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm, $12.95

Skin Food for the lips! The newest addition to the range, this balm is enriched with botanical extracts, natural oils, and waxes for intense nourishment and protection that leaves lips soft and smooth.

 Kids Gifts

 Art & Craft

Ditch those plastic toys (which head to landfill eventually!) and give the gift of creativity instead! Set their imagination alight with these offerings from Eco Crayons, which have art and craft goodies free from paraffin, palm oil, beeswax, mined micas or clays, and synthetic colours.

eco crayon paint set

Splurge: Eco Crayons Natural Eco Paint Kit, $39.95

Eight bright and vivid non-toxic paints, made from 100% food-grade plant ingredients – now kids can safely colour without chemicals!

Save: Eco Crayons Brick 6-pack Crayons, $19

We don’t know about you, but we’d love these in our Christmas stocking! Brilliant, vibrant, all-natural handmade chunky building block crayons, perfect for small (and big) hands! The colour pigments cleverly come from plants, seeds, and flowers.

Wellness Gifts

Gut supplements

Gut supplements might not be the most fun Christmas gift but in wrapping this one up, you’re giving the gift of wellness from within – a great start to 2023! The gut is the centre of everything – your health, wellbeing, and immune system. Read this blog with our in-house Naturopath Vanessa Huybrechts to learn why and we’re sure you’ll add to cart!

Splurge: Supercharged Food Love Your Gut Synbiotic Powder, $49.95

This powerful powder feeds the gut with a unique prebiotic, probiotic, fibre, and digestive enzyme formula for great gut health.

Heal Your Gut

Save: Supercharged Food Heal Your Gut Powder, $12

A Christmas clean for the insides! Clean and optimise the overall health and function of the gut and enjoy better digestion, waste removal, and nutrient absorption. Much needed for Christmas dinner and seasonal indulgence!

 Fragrance Gifts

 Natural perfume

Free from synthetics and alcohols, natural perfumes like these from Vanessa Megan use the warmth of the body to activate the fragrance of the natural oils. Made from a premium blend of 100% wild-grown flowers, trees, fruits, spices, and resins, these unique perfumes are an aromatherapy treat for the senses.

 Splurge: Vanessa Megan Wild Wøud, 50ml, $89.95

Wild Wøud is a rich yet spicy woody fragrance for elevating the mood. It’s a beautiful unisex scent of resins, spices, and oils including bergamot, holy basil, dark patchouli, and vetiver.

Vanessa Megan Perfume

 Save: Vanessa Megan Liliquoi perfume, 10ml, $29.95

Liliquoi combines florals and fruity resins into a beautiful floral bouquet to help build self-confidence, instil tranquillity, and encourage an open heart.

 Home Gifts


An ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser is a beautiful way to harmonise the home and makes the most thoughtful gift. These types of diffusers work by vapourising pure essential oils into a fine mist, dispersing the scent whilst retaining the oil’s natural therapeutic benefits. Browse our range of essential oils here and make your own gift set!

 Splurge: Aromamist Woodgrain Beech Ultrasonic Diffuser, $99

This luxury woodgrain mist diffuser features LED lighting, two misting settings, a timer, auto shut-off, and humidifier properties. If you want to gift a diffuser that’s a beautiful interior feature, this is it!

Save: Oil Garden 3-in-1 Ultrasonic Diffuser, $39.95

A humidifier, air purifier, and night light all in one! This compact diffuser does it all, in a classic discreet design that will match any home décor.

OIl Garden Diffuser

 Crystal water bottles

Have you heard of the latest craze? It’s crystal clear! Crystal water bottles are designed to encourage hydration and help promote calm, peace, or whatever properties the crystal has. So now there’s no need to carry crystals in a handbag for good energy – they’re in a water bottle instead!


Splurge: Summer Salt Body Crystal Elixir Rose Quartz Water Bottle, $120

Infuse water with crystal power. Each Summer Salt Body bottle has a unique removable crystal inside and includes a protective sleeve and gift box for instant Christmas giving.

 Save: Luvin Life Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle, $49.95

Carry crystals and good intentions with this beautiful bottle from Luvin Life, which features rose quartz inside its base.

Luvin life crystal water bottle

 Sustainable Gifts

Eco shopping bags

Plastic is so over. But if you’ve got friends who are yet to make the leap into sustainable, reusable produce bags, why not give them a hand?

 Splurge: Deluxe Eco Shopper Set (15 pieces), $69

This is the ideal starter set for switching from plastic to eco-friendly alternatives. It has everything – cotton produce bags, silicone food lids, and even a veggie brush!

Save: Ever Eco Large Reusable Produce bags 4-pack, $13.95

Made from recycled plastic bottles, these transparent mesh fabric bags are lightweight and super strong, ideal for fruit, vegetables, and bulk goods. Air flows through the mesh weave so produce stays fresher for longer.

 Food Wraps

Say goodbye to plastic wrap! These clever fridge-and-freezer-safe washable and reusable beeswax wraps help keep food fresh. Use in place of cling film and bags to cover bowls, store leftovers, wrap food, fruit, and more! 

Splurge: WRAPPA 3-pack wraps, $35

Wrappa's beeswax food wraps are made with 100% certified organic cotton, filtered beeswax, damar resin, and jojoba oil. This 3-pack consists of 1 x 35cm square wrap perfect for leftovers and large salad bowls and two 25cm square wraps ideal for sandwiches.

 Save: Bee Green Wrap (small), $5.70

There are so many uses for this versatile, reusable, and naturally antibacterial wrap. It’s a thoughtful, eco-friendly, and very pretty introduction to plastic-free living!

Me-Time Gifts

Give a good excuse for some much-needed me-time and you’ll never make a present mistake!

 Well Store exclusive Care Packs

Our care packs are carefully curated by us, a handpicked selection of some of our best products for relaxation and pampering.


Splurge: The Well Store Luxe Care Pack, $72

A luxury selection of some of our top-sellers and brands, including Bare & Co’s Jade Gua Sha and face roller set, reusable beauty pads, Sattwa Luxe Cream Cleanser, and an Acure Soothing sheet mask.


Save: The Well Store Glow Care Pack, $59

Pampering products and a sweet not-so-naughty nibble, boxed up as a beautiful gift set – Physic Garden Glow bath salts, Summer Salt Body ‘Clarity’ essential oil roller, a Loving Earth creamy vegan chocolate bar, Dr Bronner’s organic naked lip balm, and an Acure sheet mask.


Bath Soaks & Bombs

Splash out and give the gift of a spa-like bathing experience with our natural bath salts and bombs.

 Splurge: Summer Salt Body Lavender & Sweet Orange Bath Soak, $26

Salts, flowers, oils, and vitamins combine to create this gorgeous bath blend. Lavender and Sweet Orange essential oils unwind the muscles and relax the mind.


 Save: Urthly Organics Peace Bath Bomb, $9

Made with no artificial nasties and palm oil-free, this grounding ‘Peace’ bath bomb is made with essential oils and salts including lavender, patchouli, orange, marjoram, geranium, and clementine.

 Need more cost-of-living Christmas gift ideas?

We’ll be your secret Santa! Drop us a list and we’ll suggest ideas! Email mariana@thewellstore.com.au.

Happy Christmas shopping!

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