It’s time to kick up a stink – about antiperspirant deodorant! Yes, it keeps our pits dry and sweetly scented, but your everyday antiperspirants are made with aluminium – specifically aluminium salts – that block pores and stop your body from doing what it naturally needs to. Which is – you’ve guessed it - sweating! The good news is that there is an alternative, and that’s natural deodorant.

 If you’ve ever thought of making a deo-change (and now’s the time for Summer!), there’s more choice than ever. And yes, they DO work! But be warned, it’s not an instant fix. In this blog, we’re going to cover what to expect when you transition to natural deodorant and brands to try if you’re curious.

 Switching to natural deodorant – what actually happens?

 The first thing that happens when you stop using your regular antiperspirant and move to natural deodorant is that you sweat – obviously! It might surprise you to know that your armpits will go through a detox process, where your pores begin to unblock now that they’re not getting a daily blast of aluminium salts.

 This doesn’t mean that your natural deodorant isn’t good. Because here’s the thing that not many people realise - natural deodorant, unlike an antiperspirant, does not stop you sweating. That’s what’s so good about it! What it does do is absorb your sweat and inhibit the bacteria on your skin that causes sweat to smell, using ingredients like clay, bicarb, and arrowroot.

 But until your armpits are used to this new natural regime, you’ll sweat, you’ll notice odour, and you might feel and see some irritation. This phase doesn’t last long though, so don’t give up! To help move things along and detox faster, try a mask like this 5-star rated Earths Purities Detox-A-Pit ($24.95) that’s designed for natural deodorant switchers and anyone that wants to give their body a break. 

detox a pit

 And once this stage is over? You can use your natural deodorant every day, stay dry and odour-free, without the use of any chemicals at all. How good is that!

 Ready to try? Natural deodorants we love

 Here are some of our favourite natural deodorants at The Well Store which are top-rated by you. You may find that there’s a particular type and style of deodorant that works better for you than others – we all sweat differently - so don’t be concerned if it takes you a while to find ‘The One’! We have natural deodorant pump sprays, sticks, roll-ons, and pastes, with free delivery on all products with a $40 spend.

 Weleda Citrus Deodorant Spray, $21.95

“Smells like a Gin & Tonic AND it works!” If there’s a better reason to add to cart, we’d love to see it. Weleda’s deodorant spray uses lemon peel oil as a pit-purifying disinfectant, supporting natural detoxification whilst neutralising body odour bacteria. Perfect for anyone who isnt a big sweater, or if you are hanging around at home and wont be running a marathon.

 weleda Citrus deodorant

Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste $18.50

Black Chicken’s Deodorant Paste has 13 5-star reviews for good reason. Easy to apply and invisible on the skin, it’s made with a blend of natural and organic ingredients that absorb sweat and zap odours, lightly scented with essential oils including Peppermint, Lime, Clove, and Lavender that provide antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic benefits. Also available in a Bicarb Free option for those who react to Bicarbonate in natural deodorants see the bicarb free option here: Black Chicken Barrier Booster Deodorant

 Black chicken axilla deodorant

Acure Cedarwood & Mint Deodorant Stick $14.95

Acure has launched a deodorant range that’s made with certified organic and vegan ingredients, including this wonderful unisex Cedarwood and Mint stick. Coconut oil, essential oils, and bicarb keep you moisturised and fresh all day long. This is a hard working deodorant for anyone no matter your physical activity and perfect if you are not keen on a deodrant paste and prefer the ease of a twist - up deodorant stick! We love the ease of this one.

 Acure Cedarwood and mint deodorant

Woohoo Wild Deodorant & Chafe Stick $16.95

Ae you a heavy sweater?

Woohoo’s unisex deodorant stick doesn’t just keep you fresh even if you sweat alot, it doubles up as an anti-chafe remedy too. We love this dual-purpose product because it has all the benefits of Woohoo’s original deodorant paste, packed into a handy carry-size stick. Super gentle in formulation, it’s 100% natural, 100% vegan, and is scented using food-grade ingredients. “Can’t believe how well this product works!” We can, and that’s why it’s one of our favourites! Also available in Bicarb Free options: Woohoo Mellow Bi Carb Free Deodorant

 woohoo deodrant stick

Earths Purities Men’s Deodorant $14.95

This is a great product for guys and girls that want a natural deodorant with an earthy scent and full-on freshness no matter how high the temp. Ingredients include coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, arrowroot, bicarb, food-grade bentonite clay, and diatomaceous earth, which all combine to keep you fresh and dry. We love the fragrance too – courtesy of a blend of Bergamot, Petitgrain, and Frankincense essential oils. No wonder you say this: “Hard to explain just how beautiful this butter smells, it’s amazing at what it does too, highly recommend!”


Noosa Basics Organic Deodorant Stick Coconut & Vanilla $16.95

“A natural deodorant that smells great, really works, and is Australian-made and owned!” You love this deo and so do we! It has antiperspirant qualities but without the nasties, using organic tapioca and Australian Kaolin Clay to absorb sweat whilst baking soda kills bacteria for BO-free freshness, Shea Butter nourishes your pits and organic coconut oil gives an antibacterial boost.

 natural deodorant


Browse more natural deodorants

Explore our range of natural deodorants here. If you have any questions about switching to natural deodorants and products that can help, we are happy to assist! Email us mariana@thewellstore.com.au

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