Fair Trade Guide - How You Can Choose Ethically


 You’ve probably heard of fair trade – but do you know what it actually means? To mark World Fair Trade Day this month, let’s look at what fair trade is, how it works, and how you can shop to make a difference.

 Fair Trade

What is Fair Trade?

According to the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), the membership body behind World Fair Trade Day, ‘fair trade’ is all about making international trading partnerships equal, so that producers and workers have a fair deal, better working conditions, and secured rights. But it’s about much more than just global trading – it’s about practices that put people and planet first.

WTFO principles of fair trade


How do I know if what I buy is ‘fair trade’?

You might see fair trade mentioned on an ingredients list. Or see a fair trade certification logo. There are a few different ones, such as Fairtrade’s blue & green circle on tea, coffee, and chocolate, and Fair for Life. Brands naturally want to shout about it, so it should be easy to spot! The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand has some great info if you want to know more.

 Fair trade

What fair trade brands and products can I buy at The Well Store?

Many of our brands use fair trade ingredients and support fair trade production and ethical sourcing practices. Such as:

 The best way to be a fair trade shopper is to check the label and ingredients list.

 What is World Fair Trade Day 2022 about?

This year’s theme is Climate Justice and #LetsDoItFair – highlighting that it is countries who are least responsible for climate change that are the worst affected. It’s all about delivering fair, inclusive, and sustainable solutions to people who are suffering from our climate crisis, whilst addressing the root causes of climate change.

 See how you can get involved here!

And thanks for shopping at The Well Store. We’re all about being conscious consumers, and helping people to make better, people-and-planet protecting buying decisions for the home, beauty, skin, and healthcare.

 If you have any questions about our brands or products, email me here: mariana@thewellstore.com.au

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