Your Guide to Reusable Stainless Steel Pegs

Stainless Steel Pegs

Reusable, plastic free stainless steel pegs are one of the most popular eco products we stock here at The Well Store! Each day we receive so many questions about these eco, budget friendly and plastic free options! We have done all the research for you and having stocked them for over 3 years now, we are experts when it comes to stainless steel pegs, let’s break it down!


Types of Stainless Steel

Keeping it simple, there are so many different grades of stainless steel that are suitable for all sorts of conditions and uses. At The Well Store we stock Bare & Co. Stainless Steel Pegs, these plastic free pegs come in three different types of steel, and each one is perfect for different households and uses! 

Grade 201 Stainless Steel Pegs: This type of metal is sturdy and will outlast plastic and wood, however they are not suitable to left outside in the weather for long periods of time. If you live in or near conditions (coastal) these 201 grade pegs are also not suitable as they will rust due to the salt in the air. 201 grade pegs are available in Silver colour only.

Grade 304 Pegs: 304 grade Stainless Steel Pegs are quite sturdy and will outlast any plastic or wooden peg, they can be left outside for short periods of time, but not permanently. These 304 grade pegs are not suitable if you live near salty weather conditions. These are available in Silver only.

Grade 316 Pegs: The 316 grade Stainless Steel Pegs, also known as Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pegs are the most durable, lasting years and years but also rust free! These marine grade pegs are the perfect option, if you plan to leave them outside for long periods of time and also live in or near coastal salty weather conditions. 316 grade Stainless Steel Pegs will not erode, perfect for wet areas and even on boats! Available in Rose Gold, Silver and Rainbow.


Will My Stainless Steel Pegs Rust?

As I mentioned above in this blog about the different types of stainless steel, there are a few grades of stainless steel.

201 Grade: unfortunately 201 grade stainless steel pegs will rust if left outside, or not stored in a dry location. It is not suitable to be used in coastal areas due to the salty air which causes the 201 grade peg to rust. 

304 Grade: This grade is a lot hardier than the 201 grade (above) and depending on on how you look after the 304 pegs; not using them in coastal, salty weather conditions, storing them in a dry location, bringing them in off the line will determine how long they will last. The 304 grade pegs should last you many years without rust if maintain them as mentioned above.

316 Grade: If you want something that withstands rain, hail or shine then the only peg that will not corrode - EVER are the 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel pegs. These are designed to be used around water, boats, coastal areas meaning they are extremely weather resistant and wont rust on your clothes. In fact many boating parts and sea piers are made of this same grade od stainless steel,


Do Stainless Steel Pegs Get Hot?

Our stainless steel clothes pegs suit the heat of Australia, they do not get too hot when left out in the sun, even on hot days. These particular Bare & Co. Stainless Steel Pegs cannot retain the heat due to their thin design, so not to worry there will be no scalded fingers even during our Aussie Summer 40+ degree days! The most they will heat up to is a warm temperature, but never hot enough to burn your hands.  


Weather Conditions

Wind: For areas with high wind, the Extra Strong Stainless Steel Pegs are perfect. They are thicker than the regular stainless steel pegs, with a 2mm thick width and an extra strong grip! Suitable for all conditions these Extra Strong, 316 grade pegs can be left outside in all types of weather. Also suitable for seaside, coastal conditions and for use on boats.

Salty Weather Conditions: The 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pegs are the best ones we recommend if you know they will be left outside, want to use them on a boat or if you live in salty conditions (coastal locations).


Bulky Items

There are pegs for even those heavier, thicker and bulkier items; like rugs, thick doonas large cushions and thick beach towels! We recommend the Extra-large 316 grade Stainless Steel and the NEW Jumbo size 316 grade Stainless Steel Pegs. The Extra-large pegs are approximately 76mm and the Jumbo Size is 85mm, such a great size for those trickier items.

Sore Hands: For anyone who struggles with opening and pressing stiffer items, the Soft Squeeze Pegs are the perfect option! These pegs are made with a thinner width of 316 Grade stainless steel which means, they need a lot less force to open, being much kinder to sore and fragile fingers. These pegs are great for anyone suffering arthritis or poor strength in their hands. (THESE WILL BE AVAILABLE IN OCTOBER 2020)


Hanging Solutions

Bulk Hanging: Stainless Steel Peg Hangers are such a clever way of hanging multiple smaller items together! Each hanger comes with detachable pegs that can be moved or swapped to suit your lifestyle, hang this bulk hanger in your bathroom, in an undercover area, on the clothesline and even take this away on holidays! Available in Silver, Rose Gold and Rainbow


316 Grade Hook Pegs

For anyone who needs to hang items from a non-conventional clothes line, or even use them as a storage solution to hold up things off a ledge, shelf or over the fence to hang your BBQ utensils - just hook and hang, the ideas are endless! These Hook Pegs can be used both indoors and outside as they are made with a 316 non corrosive stainless steel which means that they can get wet, be exposed to salty weather conditions and wont rust!


Which Peg Size Do I Choose?

Medium: 1.7mm width and 54mm This suze is suitable for smaller lighter items like t shirts, underwear, socks, shorts, lightweight pants, gym/ active and sports wear. See Medium Pegs

Large:   1.2mm width and 59mm length. This size is suitable for heavier and thicker items. We have found that these are even able to hold up jeans and thicker jumpers. See the Large range of Pegs

Extra Large 2mm width and 76mm length. This size is ideal for much thicker and heavier items that require a tight hold. Use these for thick towels, thicker knits and heavy denim, blankets, medium cushions, pillows and throws. See the Extra Large variety of pegs.

Jumbo:  2.3mm wire width , 85mm length. The biggest one of the lot is the jumbo size stainless steel peg and you would use these for large, thick rugs, doonas, large pillows and thicker blankets and towels. See the Jumbo Pegs.


To Sum It Up

Stainless Steel pegs will outlive any plastic or wooden peg, with the benefit of course that they are able to constantly re-used whilst at the end of their life you know they can be confidently re cycled and re purposed. The best part is you wont be adding to the plastic problem the world is fighting, definitely no waste or micro plastics here!

Be well x


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