BB & CC Creams - Let's Break It down!


It is always a rush to get myself looking half decent before I am bowled out the door by my boys!  Time is of the essence and I only use a few basics to look after my skin whilst giving me a look of ‘she has made an effort’, when I really have not! I hunted until I found a cream without any harmful ingredients that was tinted but gave my skin a little bit more than colour, which brings me to confusing CC and BB Cream debate!

The holy grail of beauty hacks is here with these products, but which one do you choose? What is the difference between a CC and  BB Cream? I have put this simple guide together and some recommendations for you to peruse. Firstly, let us knock this one over the head:

What is the difference between a BB and CC Cream?

The difference between the two is subtle but there is a difference.  BB Cream is short for ‘beauty balm’, which is an all-in-one serum, moisturiser, primer, SPF (sometimes) and light foundation. BB creams are perfect for those of you who like a bit of a glow. As for a CC cream well these are ‘colour correctors’, these are perfect for anyone who has pigmentation, dark spots and redness of the skin. You will find CC creams are heavier and tend to give more coverage to hide redness and uneven tones. Another benefit is that CC creams also have colour correcting ingredients like Vitamin C, to brighten dark spots and improve overall skin tone.

My Recommendations:

CC Creams

If you are looking for a CC Cream with a SPF you can’t go past the Skin Juice, Sun Juice SPF 15 tinted CC cream. This cream contains both warm and cool earth minerals, allowing it to adjust and suit most skin tones. As an added bonus Sun Juice is packed with antioxidants that are rich SPF and also contains antioxidant rich Kakadu Plum, Green Tea and Resveratrol to feed the skin whilst helping defend the skin against the suns ageing forces. The tinted SPF uses self-regulating earth minerals in warm and cool tones to suit most skin tones, it can be worn by itself or under your make up. Skin Juice is an Australian company who also pride themselves on being pregnancy safe, so you can wear this without any concerns during your pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding! Sun Juice 50ml $49.95 


CC Creams not only give medium coverage, but they correct all skin tone imperfections, including dullness, redness, sallowness and dark spots for an instantly flawless, yet natural looking and radiant complexion that lasts all day. MADARA Anti Pollution CC Cream is a hydrating product that will help to protect your skin with a SPF 15 broad spectrum, which also protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. This type of broad spectrum protection means you are less prone to ageing, wrinkles, irritation, dryness and the damaging effects of sun exposure and urban pollution! Suitable for all skin types, MADARA Anti Pollution CC cream comes in two shades; Light Beige and Medium Beige. Available in Sample sizes and also a full size 40ml $54.00.

BB Creams

I personally cannot go without my La Mav certified organic BB Cream daily! Suitable for all skin types and particularity for those with hyper sensitive skin, this cream will give you medium coverage. Formulated with Vitamin C & Organic Rosehip Oil to soothe and calm the skin whilst treating any skin imperfections and addressing anti-ageing. La Mav BB cream has a natural SPF and if you do choose to wear this BB cream I suggest you apply a higher SPF sunscreen before popping on the BB cream. This cream is wonderful at evening out skin tone and giving you a radiant finish with very little effort. It comes in two shades; Light and medium to cater for fair and olive skin tones.La Mav BB Crème available in light or medium 50ml $39.95 - Sample sizes available


Another BB cream which is flying off the shelves is UK brand Lily Lolo, which we introduced earlier this year. This cream does not have a SPF (apply your sunscreen first) and gives light coverage whilst toning and firming the skin. Packed with nourishing and anti-ageing ingredients and mineral pigments to help blur imperfections and even out skin tone, this skin loving cream is formulated with Jojoba, Argan and Sweet Almond Oil and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate, plump, moisturise and nourish your skin while leaving you with a luminescent complexion! We carry two shades, Light and Fair suitable for most skin tones. Lily Lolo BB Cream available in Fair or Light shade $28.00 40ml

 Of course all of these products are cruelty free and also free of harmful ingredients. You can shop the whole BB and CC cream range here

Enjoy, M xx

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