Wellness - Have you missed the boat?

Wellness is a not a cult, new fad or a paleo recipe subscription and it definitely doesn’t cost you the earth, in fact wellness is what you want it to be. It is putting it simply; the conscious approach you take to nurture your body and spirit through deliberate ongoing actions. So anyone can do it and there are hundreds of ways to partake in your own wellness. Many people choose wellness as a whole body and mind transformation through nutrition, fitness and mindfulness.

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The Benefits:

Like a kid in a candy shop, so is wellness for you. Not only will you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally (hopefully even spiritually), but you will also look better! Your outsides reflect your insides, and this goes for more than just your thoughts.

It’s a no brainer, looking better while you feel better is just the cherry on top of your super healthy sundae!

5 Simple Tips To Guide You Down Your Own Path To Wellness


1. Sleep

Sleep, some of us are gifted with a 100+ hours a night whilst others have broken (including myself) or very little sleep and yes we are missing out on that fountain of youth my friends. *Studies have shown that a lack of adequate sleep (6-8 hours per night) has been linked to diseases within the body, this is because your body repairs itself and recovers while you snooze. If you have trouble sleeping, try to stick to a nightly ritual to get your body ready for slumber! I personally use Badger Sleep Balm, made from Certified Organic essential oils, which help me drift off to sleep with the soothing scents of Lavender and Bergamot. If you get the time soak in a bath, try Amazing Oils Magnesium Bath Salts to calm and release the tension within the muscles after a long day, **magnesium deficiency has also been linked to poor sleep. Also as part of your night time routine, it is important to go to bed by 10pm (as this is optimal time for the body to get enough quality recovery time).

2. Cut out Social Media

This one can be super difficult for many of us because our modern tech savvy lifestyles have graciously given us an abundance of screens and phones, which are connected to every whisper and foodie image on the globe! Social Media is more than often, a major procrastination vehicle that can lead to emotional rollercoasters which keep our heads buzzing!  That doesn’t mean we completely go cold turkey and abandon ship, rather, it is scheduling a time daily to ignore your devices, to give you a chance to stay connected with your inner self. It could be an hour a day to begin with and as simple as it sounds it may be a struggle BUT you will come to appreciate time to be with yourself and switch off from the latest filtered photos and news of Donald Trump’s new toupee scandals! The aim is that you will feel a sense of calmness and more in tune with yourself as you detach physically and emotionally from social media.

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3. Sitting in stillness (Mindful Practices)

This type of downtime is where you quiet your mind, focus on your breathing with no other thoughts of what to cook for dinner, work deadlines or your thousand long to do list – Nothing. At. All. A time to indulge your mind in a state of idleness and inner stillness which will have an effect on everything in your life as you take the time to stop completely. This can be done during a work break, at home or outdoors and as you continually practise this you will find it easier to shut off and go into deep stillness - wherever you may be. You may even find this helpful as a ‘go - to’ when anxiety or stress creep in! Essential Oils have a very calming effect on the mind and Badger have created a range of Aromatherapy roll on sticks to help soothe and calm your mind to help you ease into a relaxed state of mind. Made with natural essential oils, these Aromatherapy Sticks have no harmful ingredients and come in Stress SootherCheerful Mind and Yoga Meditation Balm.

4. Indulge yourself

This one is so very important because you deserve it! We often forget about ourselves because we have a million responsibilities that we don't have even a minute to care for our own well-being. It's time to do some kind things to honour yourself. Whether that be a long soak in the bath, having a facial, reading a book or a bit of retail therapy it is important to allocate some time for yourself.  Uninterrupted time where you are your priority and you can do something you love; it could be an hour a week or a few minutes a day. Whatever you choose embrace it mindfully for the time you’ve allowed for yourself. This will improve your health and well-being and in turn make you feel happier and recharged. Pamper yourself with a long soak in Natural Wonders Lavender Dead Sea Bath Salts or you may even prefer Caim and Able Magnesium Frankincense & Rose Uplifting Bath Soak…pure bliss! 

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5. Cut Off Time

Just like a deadline, when its over its over. The fat lady has sung and its time to tap out! This one is tricky as we all have access to work emails on our phones so we never really tap out of work. The buck stops here and the NO WORK rule comes into play. Set yourself a time limit whether it be as soon as you leave work or when you reach the front door at home. We work to live not live to work…. It is crucial we have time to reconnect with our loved ones and ourselves.

Tip: Turn off your email notification tone so you cannot be tempted to check your emails.

Make yourself a priority and commit to yourself, the rewards are a revitalised, happier and healthier YOU!

Be Well xx



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