Transitioning To Natural Deodorant - The How to Guide

Your Pits – What is the deal?

Our bodies work in such amazing ways, did you know that our arm pits alone have an important and vital purpose to our overall health? We need to learn and embrace their need and functionality rather than clogging them up with aluminium based deodorants and anti perspirants! So listen in, our pits are filled with lymph nodes - an important part of your body's immune system, in fact their job is to filter toxins out of tissues and also produce a variety of immune cells to protect our body! Another important role of these nodes is to also fight infection whilst carrying oxygen and vital nutrients to our cells and lets not forget of course, as we all know our Lymph nodes also help to cool us down when we over heat!

Time To Change Your Mindset!

So why do we plug them up with toxin filled deodorants?  Let’s look at this; you will sweat AND perspiring is completely normal, it’s your body’s way of removing toxins! Ditch the toxin filled deodorant and do your precious body a favour by not pumping it with harsh toxins like: Aluminium, Parabens, Propylene Glycol and Pthalates which have been linked to Cancer, Alzheimer disease, reproductive issues, endocrine (hormonal) disruptors and allergies! Scary isn’t it?!

Will Natural Deodorant Stop Me Smelling and Sweating?

There are so many great natural based deodorants out on the market these days, we are really spoilt for choice! These alternatives use a range of natural and certified organic ingredients to neutralise the bacteria that causes the odour and help to absorb perspiration. So in short it will not stop you sweating altogether but with ingredients like arrowroot powder this can assist in absorbing sweat and keeping you dry.


I suggest to anyone swapping to a natural deodorant do this beforehand. Detoxing can help with the transition from a chemical to a natural based deodorant. If you have never used a natural deodorant before, you may experience a detox period as your pits expel the nasty build-up of harsh chemicals and toxins that your glands have absorbed from synthetic deodorants over time. Your skin will naturally try to re balance its pH levels and the detox period might cause you to sweat more. Some people report that their body odour may become stronger, but just be aware you have been blocking your sweat glands with all sorts of things – primarily aluminium, so there will be a short period of time where your body will ‘cry a river’ and happily re balance again – yay! Once this is over, your body should only release natural toxins, and any odour can be neutralised with a natural deodorant.

While Detoxing Remember To:


  1. Stop using your chemical deodorant altogether

  2. Drink a lot of water to help your body flush out all the toxins

  3. Wear light breathable clothing so its easier for your pits to breathe

  4. Use a detox paste to help re balance your skin’s Ph levels ready for the natural deodorant. Do this for a week before hand and then once a week from there on to keep your pits in check especially if you get a reaction or rash from your new deodorant. Products like Detox a Pit and The Arm Pit Detox work a treat!

What Deodorant Do I Use?

Deodorant Paste

The idea of a paste is messy, but surprisingly they are not as icky as you think. They are very effective for those who are quite active with a long lasting single application.

Mr Pitts Deodorant Paste – For Woman is a tough working deodorant and works to effectively in eliminate odour. This vegan product has been formulated with all natural ingredients; coconut oil and bicarb soda to attack odour-causing bacteria, combined with Arrowroot powder which absorbs wetness and kaolin clay detoxifies and cleanses without stripping the skin. This natural base is blended with pure essential oils like lavender, peppermint, grapefruit, and ylang ylang. Take a small pea sized amount and rub it between your fingers then apply directly to clean, dry pits. This also comes in a Mens deodorant too.

Wohoo Deodorant Paste is another very hard-working product that customers are pleasantly surprised with! This paste is all natural and made with Kaolin Clay and pure Vanilla Extract to leave you feeling dry and fresh all day. Woohoo is suitable for those with sensitive skin. The clear paste leaves no yellow stains or white marks on clothing and most importantly is good for your health! It comes with a spatula applicator or you can use your fingers. Woohoo comes in three varieties Urban, Wild and Mellow – which is unscented. Travel/ trial sizes are also available.

Earths Purities Bi Carb Free Coconut & Mango Deodorant Paste

This particular deodorant paste is perfect for sensitive skin, formulated with no bicarbonate soda which is what some people tend to react to. It smells gorgeous with a subtle sweet coconut scent, this vegan paste comes in a waste free package with a small bamboo applicator. Earths Purities very cleverly use fruit extracts to scent this deodorant so there are no nasty synthetic fragrances here! It is very effective for combating odour whilst nourishing your skin!


Roll On Deodorant

Many people prefer roll on options as they are quite quick and easy to apply and go! These roll on deodorants use a range of certified ingredients that will keep you fresh all day long.

Vanessa Megan has created a delicious range of deodorants that smell divine and are great for those days when you aren’t working out at the gym or rushing around at work. Formulated with a range of organic ingredients and Witch hazel which helps to work as an astringent, this helps shrinks the pores in the armpit and combined with essential oils it acts as fantastic natural deodoriser. They come in two beautiful scents; Citrus Grove and Vanilla Pod.

Kind-Ly is one of the new vegan deodorant brands that have just landed at The Well Store. This brand have not only created a deodorant that is 100% natural but these have also been enriched with probiotics and magnesium to help neutralise odour whilst contributing to your own skin’s microbiome and keep the smelly bad bacteria at bay! This hardworking range comes in five fresh roll on scents see the whole range here


To shop the whole range of deodorants from The Well Store click here


Be Well, M xx

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