Top 6 Spring Skin Ready Tips


Spring is around the corner and I am just busting to peel the layers off I have acquired over Winter. I don’t know about you but the colder weather wreaks havoc on my skin, hair and body leaving it dry and dull. So I have put a quick guide together to help you get Spring Skin Ready so you look and feel fresh, gorgeous and glowing- even when the sun isn’t out!

  1. Hydrate, hydrate and…. hydrate!

I know you have heard it all before but the fountain of glowing complexions is filled with H2O, yes you MUST drink between 1 – 2 litres of water for brighter, clearer skin. Don’t forget that eating foods with a high water content is also good not only for your complexion but your insides. A glowing inside = a glowing complexion, so aim for veggies like celery, tomatoes and cucumbers.

  1. Scrub Time

 All winter long, your skin has been dry and rough, so it’s time to slough away all that dead skin to reveal the soft, glowing skin underneath. It is important for keeping your skin looking great during the warmer weather by preparing your skin using a natural exfoliant. Exfoliating will help prevent the dead skin cells from clogging pores on your face and all over your body.

Our favourite scrubs for the body are the La Mav Coffee Bean Body Scrub $29.95 which is certified organic and smells divine! It helps with the blood circulation and reduction of cellulite, it comes in a reusable jar ensuring multiple uses with no mess! Skin Juice Berry Buff Scrub $29.80, is a fresh detoxifying creamy superfood smoothie that deeply exfoliates the body whilst the natural fruit acids and crushed walnuts prepare the skin for intense hydration. Another favourite is the delicious Love Scrub $39.95 By Vanessa Megan; this ultra-luxurious body scrub is a one-stop treatment for common skin dilemmas like dry and dull skin, cellulite, psoriasis and eczema. It brightens, firms and revives skin cells to bring your skin back to a life and luxury.

  1. Face Time 

It is important to not forget about your face, the place where everyone looks, your trademark! So, when looking for a mask or exfoliant, you need to look for gentle ingredients that will not be harsh on the delicate skin on the face. So, steer clear from bigger beads or crushed seeds that are quite rough and may damage and tear your skin. A gentle alternative to this is Simple As That Face Exfoliant $24.95. This product is suitable for all skin types using a blend of fine Sea Salt and Raw Cacao to remove dead skin cells and feed the skin with a dose of antioxidants. If you prefer a mask try Natural Wonders Detoxifying Mask $25.00, a perfect way to deeply detox and cleanse your pores. Made with all natural ingredients, this Green Clay mask helps to rebalance oil flow, strengthen skin, and act as an aid for repairing scars. 

  1. Moisturise

You are now hydrated, and cleansed so its time to moisturise! Swapping your moisturiser for something lighter is a key to Spring Skin, as our skin tends to hold onto to water in the warmer months so we don’t need as much moisture protection. La Mav Daily Brightening Serum is lightweight and highly concentrated with Vitamin-C which revitalises and improves the skin’s clarity and boosts radiance leaving you with a glowing complexion. Another superb lightweight face moisturiser is Nature’s Elixir Face Oil  by Vanessa Megan®. This facial oil is high in vitamins and deeply nourishing, formulated with certified organic base oils, this wonderful face oil is an organic multivitamin shot for your skin!

  1. Slap on the SPF

It may not be blazing hot, however SPF is a must anytime of the year, lets not be complacent especially as the weather warms up and we spend much more time out and about. Getting yourself into a good habit of slapping on your sunscreen is essential to maintaining great skin and even better a winner skincare regime! At The Well Store we only stock natural sunscreens that are safe to use and really work! Eco logical spf 30+ Sunscreen for face and body do a fantastic job protecting you from the harmful rays whilst being a non greasy, non whitening lotion, that is designed to not clog pores.

  1. Spring Glow Ready

Finally, to give you that natural sun kissed glow without the sun damage, go for the certified Organic Uni Organics Sunless Gradual Tanner  $34.95, making your skin Spring Ready! It does not have an unpleasant tan smell, leave streak marks or stain your clothes and sheets – Bonus!! Easy to apply and quick drying, this formula assures a flawless glowing application. You will look like you have been sunbaking on the Island of Mykonos..shhhh.

 Spring has nearly sprung, so try to incorporate these natural products into a simple yet effective skincare regime, to get your skin Spring Ready! Enjoy, Be Well xx



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