Top 5 Most Potent Hydrating and Anti-Ageing Oils and Serums

We are always looking for the best natural alternatives to toxin filled products, ones that are of course cruelty free and vegan friendly too! As you know I personally check all the ingredients in the products chosen to grace the shelves of The Well Store and at the moment I am getting a lot of questions about what serums and oils are top notch on our radar at the moment, firstly for their potency and secondly for the high performing results! Let’s face it many of us are on the hunt for a miracle product that leaves the skin plump, hydrated and radiant! So I have put together a top 5 list  – unfortunately there were too many to put into this guide so I chose 5 of our top sellers to keep it brief!

1. Sattwa Essential Serum 

This is the new kid on the block, but by golly it is making an impact on our potent list of serums, mainly because it packs a punch with its potent list of raw and enriching ingredients, not to mention its 100% natural and vegan! If you need a boost in hydration this serum is perfect for you, and did I mention it smells divine, soothes the soul too due to the clever combination of pure essential oils! In addition, this serum is also bursting with Vitamin E, Omegas and Fatty Acids to give your skin intense nourishment whilst fighting free radical damage. Sattwa's potent serum also combines luxurious certified organic; rose, neroli, frankincense and petitgrain essential oils to help fight the signs of ageing and target cellular regeneration, reduce deep wrinkles and reinforce cell barriers. The Essential Serum is perfect for all skin types, to give your skin a hydration boost, leave the skin glowing whilst sending your senses on a calm experience! Essential Serum is vegan, cruelty free and sourced from only natural ingredients and hand made in Australia. Sattwa Essential Serum 20ml $66.00

2. Akhal Prickly Pear Seed Oil 15ml

This little bottle of oil hails from the Moroccan Prickly Pear Plant, where the seeds are squeezed to produce the oil. This oil has traditionally been used by European women as a potent antioxidant beauty oil. In fact Prickly Pear Seed Oil is one of the most expensive beauty oils in the world, it contains the most Vitamin E of any beauty oil on the market (150 % more than Argan Oil), and the highest percentage of unsaturated fatty acids (88 %) – making it an incredibly powerful oil for skin health! Due to the high antioxidant properties of this oil it has the ability to stimulate cell renewal, leaving you with fresh, new skin. Let’s not forget that the high fatty acid content plumps the skin, reducing wrinkles and adding firmness, as well as intercepting free radical damage. Prickly Pear Seed Oil can also help to soothe, reduce redness and hyper-pigmentation as it is also an anti-inflammatory. Applying this to your skin daily regime, will put you in the front line of defence to help combat the signs of ageing, as they say ‘prevention is better than a cure’! Akhal Prickly Pear Seed Oil 15ml $60.00


3. Glory Oil By Sonya Driver 30ml

This super luxurious Glory Oil was created initially by Eco Tan’s founder Sonya Driver to help heal deep scarring she had due to a melanoma being removed on her face! Thus a potent formulation was created and what glorious results it has achieved, this light weight oil will not only help to reduce scarring but so much more! Due to its jam packed formulation of super seed oils; Inca Inchi, Açai Fruit Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil which are abundant in Omega, fatty acids and antioxidants, vitamins and zinc this product will nourish, soothe and restore your skin whilst helping to reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles. It is suitable for all skin types and instantly plumps and hydrates, helping to restore the skin’s moisture balance to give you a gorgeous glow! Used once to twice a day, this product is certified organic, vegan and cruelty free. Glory Oil 30ml $49.95


4. Weleda Pomegranate Firming Face Serum 30ml

Weleda have been the pioneers of natural based skincare products for over 90 years, so they are doing something right – in fact this Firming Face Serum is a perfect example of their commitment to natural skincare that actually does what it states. The Pomegranate Firming Face Serum is ideal for mature skin and has been developed to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines while improving skin elasticity. Formulated with Pomegranate juice high in antioxidants and Millet extract, this product boosts skin with an intense blast of hydration, whilst also protecting the skin from free radical damage, whilst also helping to fade pigmentation and age spots. Its also important to note that the combination of these two ingredients can support skin cell renewal, balance the skin's pH and improve the texture and appearance. This formulation is both vegan and cruelty free and certified as fair trade with no GMO ingredients. Weleda Pomegranate Firming Face Serum 30ml $45.95

5. Madara Time Miracle Cellular Repair Serum 30ml

Let’s talk Birch Juice, yes this one am- a- zing ingredient which comes from the Northen Baltic region! Madara have cottoned onto this top notch pure ingredient  and added it to their serum! EcoCert approved, this serum has been formulated with Madara’s trademarked Cell Repair Bio-Complex; Northern birch juice, collagen boosting and smoothing Hyaluronic Acid, combined with nutritious oils and vitamins making this product a highly concentrated and potent serum. This Repair Serum helps to dramatically boost the cellular renewal cycle, whilst visibly improving the texture of skin and appearance of lines and wrinkles*. According to dermatological testing, this Madara Time Miracle Cellular Repair Serum lifts the skin for a tight, full and firm appearance. This gluten free and cruelty free serum can be applied both morning and night after cleansing the face. Madara Time Miracle Cellular Repair Serum 30ml $68.00


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*According to Madara results from dermatological testing, spectrophotometric intracutaneous analysis, 30 women

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