The Need To Know Guide to Natural Shampoo

Have you ever given a thought to the health of your head? All the unpronounceable toxic ingredients in those mainstream non-natural brands? Did you know that by lathering up your hair every few days, you are actually exposing your scalp – which has 650 sweat glands, and 1000 nerve endings, to toxins that are directly absorbed into your skin and enter your bloodstream. Scary Stuff!

I have done the homework for you and put together an easy guide that explains the different types of shampoos, ingredients and suitable hair types – to hopefully alleviate the confusion and make it easier for you to make the toxin free change and give you the diva hair you have always wanted!


Dry and Damaged Hair

If your hair is dry and brittle, then you need a product that is deeply nourishing and hydrating for your hair. We have found the Biologika range of Shampoos and Conditioners to be effective, silicone free, paraben free and budget friendly. For dry and damaged hair, check out the Biologika Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner. Formulated with Coconut Oil for its natural nutritional properties which support the hair growth and also provide a conditioning effect whilst helping in the repair of damaged hair. Another suitable product also from Australian Brand Biologika, is the Mediterranean Bliss ShampooFormulated with nourishing Organic Olive Oil that conditions and improves the strength and elasticity of your hair whilst also effective for flaky scalp conditions. 

Acure 2 in 1 Hair Care landed in our store a few weeks ago and its been a huge hit! This 2 in 1 Argan and Avocado Shampoo and Conditioner by Acure  is perfect for dry and damaged hair as it is infused  with the deeply hydrating, Argan Oil and vitamin rich Avocado Oil, that will leave your hair softer, smoother and shinier. Its great value as it comes in 700ml pump pack and perfect if you are always time poor!


Frizzy Hair

Don’t we hate this one! I suffer from this alot and found the best product for this was the Acure 2 in 1 Coconut and Keratin Hair Wellness System.  Formulated with Coconut Oil to nourish and strengthen and Brazilian Keratin to calm and defrizz the hair making it smoother. Particularly effective on hair that is colour treated and highly styled, leaving your hair smooth, healthy and shiny. Once again we find that this is also great value as it comes in a 700ml pump pack! For hair that needs a bit more taming, I recommend the very popular Acure Brazilian Keratin Straightening Shampoo & Conditioner, perfect for straightened, frizzy or colour treated hair. Its uses natural Brazilian Keratin, Coconut Water and Marula Oil to smooth out frizz, control fly away hair and help protect against heat damage.


Oily Hair

We have had such great feedback from customers who have used both the  Biologika Bush Lemon Myrtle Shampoo and Conditioner . This shampoo is perfect for those with oily hair and scalp. A powerful astringent and clarifying shampoo formulated with effective natural ingredients like Witch Hazel used for its highly astringent and soothing benefits on the scalp and hair; Organic Pineapple and Organic Papaya extracts work in synergy to purify, refresh and eradicate excess oil build up and Biodynamic Avocado Oil, leaving your hair clean fresh and enlivened.



Lack Lustre Hair

Sometimes hair is dull and lacking a bit of VA VOOM! Look no further, Acure have created another fabulous Hair Wellness product. Acure 2 in 1 Body Beautiful revives moisture to the hair and gives it back a silky soft shine with a divine fresh scent. Made with Marula Oil, which is a lightweight and fast absorbing oil that is rich in antioxidants to help the hair from drying out and becoming weak. This 2 in 1 product provides moisture and shine without any nasty ingredients!


No Time to Wash my Hair - Hair

You know those times you are running around on full speed and you have every intention of washing your locks, but the clock seems to get you in the end! Never fear, The Well Store has sourced a toxin free solution! We have found two natural, eco-friendly, vegan brands that do the same job as those ‘other’ highly toxic paraben and butane filled sprays do!

Tints of Nature Dry Shampoo is light weight and comes in a non-aerosol eco pump which is made from a unique blend of 99.5% natural and certified organic ingredients. Perfect for a quick freshen, leaving the hair feeling soft and manageable. Another fabulous quick fix product is the Acure Dry Shampoo, its formulated from all natural ingredients, including Organic Corn Starch, French White Clay and Chamomile Essential Oil which work together to help absorb and remove dirt, grease and oils from the roots to provide a fresh, clean look!


Revive my Hair – Treatments

Hair can feel brittle with the changing weather conditions, plus styling can do some serious heat damage to your lovely locks! So its important once in a while to give your hair a well needed boost of hydration and shine. We love the Certified Organic Desert Shadow Hair Silk Treatment Oil, Vegan Friendly, its formulated with a deeply nourishing mix of Almond, Coconut and Olive Oils to feed your hair and give it back its natural shine and fight frizz. Ideal for bleached hair or anyone wanting to simply give their hair a radiant glow and shine. On our hunt we also found the gorgeous Australian Brand, Vegan Organics. They have also created a beautifully organic Hair Oil which is so easy to apply throughout the hair and can also be used as an intensive scalp and hair treatment. Too easy!

If you prefer a leave in conditioner, then you cannot go past the Acure Leave in conditioner with Argan Oil. Designed to condition hair at the root level. Suitable for all hair types, spray it in for all-day moisture and protection that makes your hair manageable and moisturised.

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 Be Well xx

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