Top 10 Tips for Youthful Skin

Top 10 Tips for Youthful Skin

Want radiant skin? Stay out of the sun and pray to the skin gods that you’ve inherited good genes. Sure, those factors help but they’re not the only answer to a youthful complexion. So how about giving up smoking, eating organic and giving up Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (surely not, I hear you ask?). Yes, these three lifestyle choices also go a long way but there are many more avenues to achieving gorgeous skin for the rest of your days, regardless of the stats on your birth certificate. Let’s take a look.

  1. Drink more water                                             

Yep, eight glasses a day. You know it. Drinking between 1-2 litres every day is crucial as water evaporates from your skin, so you need to replenish your body to avoid dehydration every waking hour. If you don’t, your skin will become dry, dull and saggy. This youthful elixir (water – remember) keeps your skin plump, elastic and smooth. So skip the three daily lattes and load up on some pure H2O …your face will thank you.


  1. Detoxify the body

There’s truth to the notion that the outside of your body reflects what’s going on inside. Skin breakouts are often related to toxin build-up in the body and its ineffective mechanisms of flushing them out. So take these tips to benefit your insides and, in turn, your outsides, aka your skin.

  • drink warm lemon water every morning
  • eliminate sugar and alcohol for a few days to give your body and skin a break
  • increase fruit and vegetable intake to boost super-power antioxidant intake

    1. You say tomato… I say tomato!

    These delicious red beauties are amazing for your skin. Why? Tomatoes are packed with a powerful antioxidant called lycopene, which helps protect the skin from sun damage. Eating cooked tomatoes or any of their cooked by-products like concentrated tomato paste and passata, roasted tomatoes and tomato sauce, will enable your body to absorb this antioxidant more efficiently. Lycopene not only protects skin from UV damage, it is also linked to fighting off various illnesses and diseases. If you aren’t a fan of tomatoes (boo-hoo!), go for red peppers and beets, which also contain lycopene.


    1. Sleep more

    It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. If you’re not getting between seven and eight hours of shut-eye every night, you’re missing out on the magical rejuvenation process that happens while you sleep. Lack of sleep lowers circulation, which is why your skin can become pale and washed out (thanks sick kids for keeping me up all night and hello aftermath on your face the next day). So sleep more when possible for less under-eye bags and more skin razzle-dazzle!


    1. Eat nuts

    Nuts have amazing properties that are truly beneficial to your skin and fighting the anti-ageing process. Which ones? Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, which increases skin elasticity and may help fight off illness. Walnuts are a powerhouse of omega-3 fatty acids, which protect the skin from UV damage and assist in lowering inflammation and reducing skin breakouts. Don’t forget to throw macadamias into the mix – they’re full of oils and fatty acids that aid in skin repair and rejuvenation.


    1. Clean with non-toxic products            

    Yes, even your cleaning products have an impact on your skin. Skin absorbs 70% of the toxins in cleaning chemicals, which speeds up the skin’s ageing process. So swap that bottle of chemical toilet cleaner for a much cheaper, healthier, non-toxic alternative – BAKING SODA! Top tip: sprinkle baking soda inside toilet bowl and scrub with a toilet brush. Too easy.

    1. Buy a plant

    Do you sit in an air-conditioned office all day? Ever notice your skin isn’t dry and dotty when you’re on holidays – out of the office? The indoor pollution in your workplace can pose problems for your skin. Solution? A plant. Grace your desk with a Bamboo Palm, Spider Plant or Golden Pothos, which are all effective at removing impurities and toxins from the air, and you’ll have a greener, cleaner working space.


    1. Stress less

    Stress – both physical and mental – causes the body to release cortisol, the body’s major stress hormone. Studies show the body responds to high levels of cortisol with acne breakouts, so reduce stress = reduce skin issues. That might mean taking up yoga, eating healthier food, sleeping more, making time to remove make-up before bed or listening to calming music – whatever it is, finding ways to cut back on the stress in your life will automatically benefit your skin.


    1. Put a mask on it

    Just like we nourish our bodies with healthy food and loads of water, the face requires nutrition as well. No need to go out and spend your life’s savings on a mask. Make you own! Both honey and avocado are full of antioxidants, which assist in slowing down the ageing process, so stock up, mash them up and whack them on your skin. The vitamins and minerals in the ingredients are highly moisturising with soothing characteristics that create a natural glow, while the lactic acid in the yoghurt smooths skin, refines pores and stimulates collagen production – bonus! Use this gentle mask a few times a week and don’t be alarmed if you end up eating it at the same time.


    Honey & Avocado Mask

    • 1 teaspoon mashed avocado
    • 1 teaspoon plain whole milk yoghurt*
    • 1 teaspoon or organic honey (if possible)

    Mix ingredients in a bowl until lump free. Spread mixture over entire face and let it work its magic for 20-30 minutes before washing it off.

    *Vegan alternative is to use warm water in place of yoghurt

    1. Juice Me Baby!

    Drink a brightening juice that’s packed with a bunch of antioxidants and vitamins to nourish you from the inside. Each of the ingredients has its own magical qualities to leave skin bright and toned. Parsley stimulates the lymphatic system and helps reduce water retention. Spinach has vitamin K (omega fatty acids, linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid) is beneficial for healthy skin. Carrots have myriad potent qualities – vitamins A and C, carotenoids, potassium and antioxidants – all of which even skin tone, hydrate and reduce puffiness. The nutrients in apples, particularly green ones, give the skin a brighter, more toned complexion.

     Brightening Juice                                            

    • 4 carrots
    • handful of spinach
    • handful of parsley
    • ½ green apple

    Juice up ingredients and drink in the goodness.

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