SealPod Reusable Nespresso Pods FAQs

I wont say no to a coffee - especially when my hubby is making it! In fact all my boys use our espresso machine for a hot drink whether it be a coffee, tea or hot chocolate. So when I found these sustainable and eco friendly SealPod reusable pods I literally jumped out of my chair with joy!  SealPods can be used not only for coffee but also tea, chai and hot chocolate which I love - so versatile! 
Why Should You Use SealPods?
We are huge consumers of coffee in Australia - statistics state* we drink 3 million cups of coffee as day! So its time to think sustainability even with our coffee!  I was shocked to find out that the Nespresso aluminium coffee pods (which I used) were not actually being recycled - the ironic fact is, is that they actually are made of a combination of non biodegradable plastic and aluminium which are very difficult to recycle - so in actual fact if they are not sent to appropriate recycling centres, these pods unfortunately end up in landfill - how frustrating! SealPods are eco friendly because they are reusable and are very cost effective. Each capsule is made from durable stainless steel with a silicone ring easy to fill and reuse for endless cups of your favourite hot drink.
How Do SealPods Work?
The best thing about these reusable pods is that you are not only limited to coffee use! SealPods capsules can also be filled with your choice of fresh coffee / tea and hot chocolate brewed in your compatible Nespresso machine! All you need to do is fill the capsule and pop on a sticker lid (which is recyclable) and away you go as you insert it into your Espresso machine for a delicious hot drink. Once done you rinse the capsule and its ready to be reused again!
Now I know you may be thinking that the stickers may be plastic, I can assure you they are actually recyclable, made from a food grade adhesive. The stickers have actually been designed to allow for pressure to build up in the capsule, producing a perfect extraction and deliciously thick crema - yum! Another option that can be used on the SealPod capsules is a Biodegradable sticker option, these will also give you a great cuppa, but with less crema. Shop SealPod Stickers
SealPod Packs come in 3 different sizes to suit your lifestyle and family - in my case a 5 pack has worked perfectly! 
This pack is the great to begin and test out the SealPod product. The Starter Pack comes with 1 stainless steel reusable capsule and one fresh cover. This pack comes with 24 recyclable Espresso Lids and a scoop to fill your pods with the perfect amount! 
This slightly larger pack is ideal for a couple, it comes with 2 SealPods, 2 Fresh Covers and a scoop. You also get quite a few more recyclable Espresso Sticker Lids, 102 to be exact, that's a lot of brewing!! 

Finally the biggest pack of them all;
This pack is the Big Daddy of the packs - perfect for larger families and real lovers of a brewed cuppa! It comes with 5 reusable SealPod stainless steel coffee pods, 5 Fresh covers, 102 Espresso Sticker Lids and of course a scoop for a measured amount.
What Machines Are SealPods Are Compatible With?
This is always the first question everyone asks and before I list them just note that if your machine NOT on the below list hang in there as Seal Pod are currently working on developing pods that will fit these machines in the near future - so stay posted! 
Compatible Nespresso Machines:
Nespresso® Inissia, U, Pixie, Citiz, Maestria, Lattissima, Essenza, Le Cube, Creatista and Concept are all suitlable for the SealPod Capsules.
Dolce Gusto, Aldi Expressi and Caffitaly Espresso Machines are currently not part of the compatible SealPod yet but we have heard this is in the pipework - so hopefully not too long.
What Grind Size is Recommended for the SealPod Capsules?
The manufacturers recommend using a fine grind, similar to that used for stove top coffee brewing. You can grind your own coffee beans fresh at home, or ask your favourite cafe to grind the beans between "espresso" and "stove top" for the best results.
Well Store Household Fact
I did my calculations and a Nespresso Pod costs approx 68 cents and my new SealPods cost me 35 cents - including my ground coffee ( which I buy per Kilo) and sticker lid ready to go! Which gives me the annual saving of $744** Not bad at all for your hip pocket and a huge winner for the environment, saving energy and unnecessary landfill. 
Remember sustainability starts with you!
Be well,  M xx
**Based on 3 shots per day using Nespresso Capsules

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