Plant Stem Cells – Can they benefit you?

We look in the mirror every day at some point, and what do we see? Skin and a lot of it and as we all know, eventually it begins to show signs of wear and tear from environmental factors like; stress, diet, climate and sun damage. These factors damage our skin cells over time and as we age our once 20 something, vibrant and supple skin begins to lose its plumpness and look less brighter. This is because our skin’s self-regenerating skin cells operate at a slower rate, which means that our skin does not recover as well and you may begin to notice fine lines and wrinkles appear… (deep breath) and for many of us growing old graciously is a legacy to the years gone by, but for others it’s a time to find a natural way to fight anti - ageing. This is where Plant Stem Cell technology becomes exciting!   

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What are Plant Stem Cells?

Stem cells are in all living things: plants, animals, and humans. These cells are needed to regenerate the body to repair any damage done. Like human stem cells, plants have the ability to self-renew and replace specific plant cells. But the main difference is, is that even in the harshest conditions and environmental stressors, plants have the amazing ability to withstand the damage sustained and continue to repair, transform and grow, thus avoiding the ageing process*.

How can my skin benefit from Plant Stem Cells?

Research shows that the stem cells from plants can assist in regenerating our epidermis stem cells and also protect our own skin cells so they live longer. Plant stem cell actives often contain a concentration of antioxidants that is 1,000 times greater than that of other botanical extracts, so they are extremely potent. This potency is clinically proven to increase collagen synthesis and cell renewal and reduce the signs of ageing* 

Let’s be clear though, this does not mean that the plant cells turn into or function as dermal (deep within the skin tissue) stem cells in the body, instead the plant stem cells can rapidly increase to target and support the natural functions of the skin, but not to become skin. **

What Plant Stem Cells to look out for:

Argan stem cells 

Are very popular in beauty products nowadays as it is clinically proven** to penetrate the tissue layers of the epidermis to stimulate and protect your own dermal (deep within skin tissue) stem cell activity which slows down as we get older. This will not only help to accelerate the skin’s natural repair process but it also moisturises and hydrates which will assist in fighting skin ageing right at the root. If you are looking to try a product with these natural Argan Stem Cells, then I recommend the very popular award winning Acure Cell stimulating Face Mask, which has both Argan Stem Cells and the very potent Chlorella which also boosts moisture, protecting your collagen and elastin structures and it optimizes cellular regeneration. It will leave your face deeply hydrated, soft and supple. If you are after a whole body lotion then the Acure energizing Body Lotion infused also with Argan Stem Cells and refreshing Mandarin and Orange is your next go to product, this uplifting product boosts and rejuvenates the skin whilst restoring a natural glow. Acure have also created a Clarifying Body wash  using the same plant stem cell technology, however it is harnessing the Lilac Stem Cells instead and C0Q10 to help to reduce inflammation, breakouts and remove excess skin build, keeping your skin soft and hydrated.

Rose Stem Cells

The Alpine Rose is harvested from the native Alpine plant in Switzerland giving us potent Rose Stem Cells. This type of stem cell is quite resilient as studies have shown it is remarkably resistant to high UV radiation and harsh weather conditions. It is also known to increase the cell vitality whilst giving a boost to the skin’s regeneration. Rose Stem Cells are also known for their ability to protect the skin’s natural moisture level, keeping it soft and supple.

Andalou Naturals are the leaders on cutting edge Plant Stem Cell technology and have created their 1000 Roses’ Skincare range.  This whole range is infused with potent Rose Stem Cells and ever so delicately scented. Perfect for those who have sensitive skin due to its gentle formulation. One of the most popular products within this range is Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Cleansing Foam which will remove impurities and unclog your pores leaving your skin feeling fresh and revitalised.

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Apple Stem Cells

Research has shown that stem cells derived from apples help stimulate the renewal of cells and protect against UV damage, whilst helping to retain skin’s essential oils, slowing down the ageing process. **** Apple Stem Cells are also rich in protein and phytonutrients which help stimulate the renewal of cells. Kosmea Apple of My Eye Cream contains apple stem cells as well as shea butter, white tea extract, rosehip oil, and carrot extract. All of these ingredients work together to fight the visible signs of ageing, leaving your skin looking and feeling healthier. ****


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Disclaimer: All the information presented is not written by a medical professional. information and suggestions in this blog are based on manufacturers recommendations and individual product knowledge information. If you are uncertain of ingredients and associated allergies, please consult your doctor before trying.

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