New Year - Top 5 Eco Swaps

Top 5 Eco Swaps

The New Year may bring on the burning desire to make changes to your daily routines and hopefully begin to eliminate daily habits that impact the planet. Eco swaps can be simple and not cost a fortune, one eco investment can last you years and years whilst being great for the planet and your health too!

I began my eco journey in 2016 and have slowly been changing and refining our household and family lifestyle with little changes and most importantly a GREENER mindset!

My recommendation is not to be overwhelmed with it all as it can be a big task but make changes according to how often you use these items or carry out these activities e.g; daily use = toothbrush

I have put my TOP 5 LIST of Eco Swaps that are very common and are used daily.

  1. Floss

Did you know that the commercial floss that you find in the supermarket, comes in the plastic containers AND the floss itself is plastic compound or nylon and covered in a  perfluorohexane sulphonic acid or PFHxS which is a Teflon coating.. I don’t know about you but A. I don’t want Teflon in my mouth and B. its not a recyclable material.

I recommend that you look at a greener and healthier alternative that is a biodegradable floss and all natural option that will not end up in landfill. This means that once you are done flossing your pearly whites you can actually throw the floss into the garden or compost to break down naturally! There are a few options, we are lucky to be spoilt for choice – choose from a vegan charcoal floss with a calendula wax coating or a Silk Floss coated in a beeswax.


  1. Food Covers

This one is a no brainer, give up single use cling film, no plastic waste or leeching into your food. This favourite kitchen must have is a wonderful way to preserve and cover your left overs, save money whilst avoiding more landfill! These Bare & Co. lids are suitable to fit, bowls, plates and cups but also cover cut fruit and veg – so clever! The covers come in a set of 6 and can be hand washed or thrown into the dishwasher whilst also being microwave safe too.  Imagine never having to but cling film again!! This set of 6 can last years if looked after appropriately and once they have reached the end of their life we will take them off your hands, just send them back to us to be recycled at the appropriate recycling plants. I recommend the Bare & Co. Silicone Food Cover 6 pack set.


  1. Safety Razors

Disposable razors are probably the most wasteful accessories in our bathrooms, contributing to tonnes of landfill- scary! It is estimated that approximately 2 billion disposable razors are added to land fill every year – let’s not add to this statistic in 2020 and make mindful purchases! By purchasing a reusable safety razor, you will be making an investment in the health of the planet but also the elimination of a piece of plastic forever – Let’s do a happy dance! If you have not seen a reusable safety razor before then take a look at the very chic looking titanium safety razors that come in a variety of colours; Rose gold, Silver and Gunmetal. Choose from different lengths and also Butterfly or Double Edge design ( which refers to the opening mechanism to replace the razors. Even the razors are recyclable too, so there is no plastic landfill at all, razors can be collected in a container and once you collate a stack ( which can take years!) find out where your nearest SHARPS drop off point is by using this website  or ask your local pharmacy or GP and these can be recycled appropriately! Keen to see the reusable range of safety razors – click here

  1. Pegs

Plastic pegs, who uses them or has? I did and have gradually changed my pegs as they became brittle and broke. The truth is they will end up in landfill, lasting hundreds of years in a mirco plastic form. These micro plastics can end up in the ocean, your back-yard soil and even in the stomachs of marine life – which in turn can our food! Let’s put a stop to this non-recyclable disaster and invest in a reusable option that will last you years and years whilst looking pretty stylish at the same time! I recommend you look at the Bare and Co Stainless Steel Peg options in Silver, Rose Gold and Rainbow. These pegs come in 3 sizes medium, large and extra large with different grades of stainless steel suitable for indoor, outdoor and also salty seaside conditions! Use them for washing, pantry storage solutions also office organisation!


  1. Toothbrushes

Plastic toothbrushes are another nasty addition to the planet’s landfill epidemic, in fact recent statistics show that 3 ½ billion of non-recyclable toothbrushes are thrown out every year! So what can you do? Make a small investment in an eco-toothbrush, one that is made of bamboo or corn starch and can break down naturally in the garden or the compost. Remember for health reasons we should be replacing our toothbrush every 3 months and an eco-toothbrush is the way to go!

We have a variety of toothbrushes that are the perfect for your eco swap and are suitable for both adults and children – here

Enjoy your eco journey 

Be well, 

M x

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