Natural Ways To Help Your Little Darlings Fall Asleep…

I struggled with this for a long, long time...
If you have little or big children, you have probably crossed the bedtime ritual bridge and whether you are rigid or flexible with your routines these helpful suggestions won’t break up your routine or change it.

We all know that rested children are happy children and rested parents are …(you can finish it) but at times our little darlings all need a helping hand to get them ready for a restful night’s sleep.

The Routine

Now, I am no expert, just a mum who has tried and tested a whole heap of things! This is the one thing I have to say is like a path to the holy grail of sleep… a routine. It is great idea to have some sort of bedtime routine to help your children even infants recognise and begin to wind down before bedtime, things like bath time, quiet activities and reading a story before bed every night might be what you choose to do to get the ball rolling…but even the best routines and rituals are not fool proof!


Try these natural helpers:

Bubba Suds Bath Wash by Vanessa Megan 200ml

A warm bath never goes astray to calm a little one and get them on their way to the path to bedtime! I just love this Bubba Suds Bath Wash by Vanessa Megan as an alternative to commercial bubble bath liquids which can dry out your child’s skin and cause irritation. Bubba Suds Bath Wash has been formulated with such nourishing and gentle Certified Organic ingredients; infused with organic essential oils of Lavender and Mandarin to soothe, combined with Olive Extract to moisturise the skin leaving your little one feeling and smelling clean and fresh.  All baby essential oil dilutions are at 0.5% making this product safe for your baby. This product is sure to calm and leave your little one smelling divine. I recommend you use 1-2 pumps under running warm water to begin the bubbles and away you go! 

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Badger Baby Oil -  A Massage

A massage after a bath is such a great way to bond with your baby whilst also relaxing them before their bedtime. Babies have such soft and sensitive skin that can be easily irritated, Badger Baby Oil is a safe,100% natural and Certified Organic product. There are NO mineral oils used in this product, formulated with only moisturising Organic Extra Virgin Olive and Jojoba Oils, combined with the calming herbs of Chamomile and Calendula which also soothe, nurture and protect the most delicate skin. This product is also a very clever multi tasker, it can be used for  the prevention and soothing of nappy rash but also cradle cap, dry skin patches and as a calming baby massage oil.

Badger Night Night Balm

This 100% natural and USDA Certified Organic Night Night Balm has been specifically formulated for children, to help ease them into the magical realm of dream world. Night Night Balm was formulated with young ones in mind to help them relax and unwind naturally with scents of chamomile to calm and lavender to relax and soothe them into a restful night’s sleep. All you need to do is simply rub a small amount onto temples, neck, belly, wrists before bed as part of their bedtime routine. There are absolutely NO parabens, synthetics, GMOs, chemicals or any other harsh ingredients. Suitable for babies as well as older children, we recommend a patch test first prior to usage to test for any skin allergies.

This product comes in a handy 21g tin that you can pop into a baby bag or overnight bag or in a 56g large size. 

For the adults you can use 'Sleep Balm' By Badger Click Here for more information.

Technology Free Time

No matter what age, big or little…As part of a bed time routine it is important that activities leading up to sleep are low key and not over stimulating their young minds, that is why it may be a good idea to consider cutting down or implementing a Technology Free Time. Devices like televisions, computer or phone screens all emit a blue type of light. Why is this a problem? This light prevents the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone which leads to alertness, making them less ready to sleep, which may then lead to a problem as you try to get them to sleep. With a more balanced approach to screen time and the use of electronic devices, children will have an opportunity to not only calm down before bed but also get them into a routine beneficial to their sleep.


Amazing Oils Sleepy Toes Towelettes

These are new to the Amazing Oils range, these Sleepy Toes Magnesium Wipes  were formulated specifically for babies and children of all ages. Magnesium is known to naturally calm and aid sleep in children, babies and adults, it works very well if used as part as your regular sleep routine. Transdermal Magnesium is the easiest way to supplement magnesium and of course it is the least intrusive and most effective natural remedy there is. Formulated with only organically sourced Magnesium Chloride, these wipes are easy to use, just wipe them over the lower limbs of the body, over the tops of the feet and legs during your bedtime routine. Each wipe will each give an average of 30mg of magnesium and is suitable for babies from 3 months up to 5 years of age. Amazing Oils Magnesium Baby Sleepy Toes Towelettes come in a pack of 25.


Whatever you choose to do, I know its tough and the road maybe long... may the sleeping children’s force be with you!

Be Well xx


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