Soothe your skin with our best budget skincare for sensitive skin guide! We reveal some of our favourite natural organic skincare products under $30 and an easy and simple skincare regime that you can try at home!


Have you ever used a beauty product and found that it stings? Or washed your face so it’s nice and clean – but now it’s red and patchy as well? Do you sometimes glow a little too much? You may have sensitive skin! Sensitive skin is one of the trickiest skin types to deal with because it’s reactive. And that means you need to be ultra-careful about the products you apply. But don’t worry – The Well Store is here to help with our best budget skincare for sensitive skin guide!

 sensitive skincare on a budget

We’re going to talk you through an easy basic skincare regime for sensitive skin and some natural and organic products – all under $30 each! - that can help to soothe and support your skin, without any chemical nasties! Keep calm and read on!

What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is skin that is prone to issues like redness and irritation. Some people have very sensitive skin because of skin conditions like eczema. Other people find that their skin reacts a little bit to skincare or make-up products, which can make wearing cosmetics and cleansing your face a challenge.

If your skin is breaking out in red, dry, sore, or itchy patches, before you start buying or using any new products it’s important to get a proper diagnosis from a dermatologist or your doctor, to determine the cause.

Then you can make sure that you use the right products, that won’t set your skin off. Some of our best budget skincare for sensitive skin buys would be a great start, to help you find the brands and formulas that your skin loves.


Characteristics of sensitive skin

You will definitely know if you have sensitive skin because you will see and feel it! You may experience:

  • Redness
  • Dry, flaky, or itchy patches
  • Spots, rashes, or bumps
  • Soreness or stinging when you use products 

How to treat and care for sensitive skin

 Sensitive skin needs gentle care, using products that are formulated specifically for sensitive skin types. These products are designed to prevent reactions, calm redness, and soothe irritations, whilst gently cleansing and hydrating the skin so it’s healthy.

 Here’s a simple skincare regime that you can try at home, using some of our best budget skincare for sensitive skin top picks. As we’ve already said, however, do seek professional help if you need to – especially if your skin has never reacted or been particularly sensitive before.

  1. Cleanse lightly and gently with a sensitive skin cleanser - do not rub or scrub your face too much!
  1. Use a sensitive skin-formulated exfoliator. Yes, you can use an exfoliator if you have sensitive skin, you just need to make sure you use the right type! Exfoliators for sensitive skin are not abrasive to help avoid irritation – try using it once a week!
  1. Apply a toner. Toners these days are not the astringent and harsh products of old, they’re gentle and give a great boost of nutrients to help promote healthy and happy skin.
  1. Apply a moisturiser that’s designed for sensitive skin. Look for one that is easily absorbed so it can work where it needs to.
  1. Mask – Once or twice a week, apply a mask that’s formulated to soothe, reduce any inflammation and hydrate your skin.

Best budget skincare for sensitive skin: The Well Store’s top picks under $30


 ACURE Seriously Soothing Cleansing Cream, $16.95

This creamy cleanser does exactly what it says! It is a nourishing blend of Argan, Peony Extract, and Sunflower amino acids, to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin types.

Acure Soothing Cream Cleanser - Suitable for sensitive skin

 Sattwa Restore Facial Cleanser, $27.50

Fancy a calming aromatherapy cleansing experience? Then indulge in this beautiful, natural cleanser from Australian brand Sattwa. This non-foaming formula is great for even the most sensitive skin. It’s packed with Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond, and Sesame oils and it has the most wonderful aromatics from its Rosewood and Palmarosa essential oils.


 Eco by Tonya Superfruit Toner, $29.95

Spritz this vitamin-rich, multi-active mist on your face to give it an instant hydration boost and prevent redness at the same time. Ingredients include organic Aloe Vera juice to moisturise, calm and soothe. It’s also non-comedogenic, so won’t block your pores!

Eco by Sonya Super Fruit toner



Acure Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub, $16.95

This might say scrub on the label but there’s no need with this product! It contains Sea Kelp, a natural exfoliator that has anti-inflammatory benefits. You’ll also be treated to Argan extract which nourishes your skin with vitamins and fatty acids. Say hello to smooth, soft, and soothed skin!



Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Cream, $28.95

The star ingredient inside this tube is Almond oil, which helps to protect the skin’s barrier whilst calming, moisturising, and soothing any redness and dryness. Fragrance-free, easily absorbed, and designed for daily use, it’s your sensitive skin hydration must-have.

 Weleda Almond soothing Facial Cream


 Orgaid Vitamin C and Revitalising Sheet Mask, $9.95

 Orgaid’s organic Vitamin C and Revitalising sheet mask is a powerful antioxidant treatment that’s ideal for sensitive skin types. It’s formulated to minimise unevenness in the skin, using ingredients including lemon, orange peel, and pomegranate to enhance collagen production, hydrate, and exfoliate.

Orgaid Vitamin C and revitalizing mask

Need more sensitive skincare help?

 Want to know more about our best budget skincare for sensitive skin top picks? Or need some product advice? We’d love to help you! Just get in touch by using the Messenger button or send us a query here.

 And remember - if you do have specific skin concerns and issues that you are worried about, see your GP or a dermatologist. Our skincare guides and blogs are intended as general advice only.

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