Introducing Plastic Free Wraps

Finding ways to get back to basics in my household are high on my agenda every. single. day. I have been trying so damn hard this year to make better choices overall for the whole fambam and the biggest one - to eliminate plastic from our little household. Enter, these 100% natural, beautifully presented and of course plastic free Bee Green Wraps! If you are not familiar with this product then come on a journey with me as I unwrap these babies! 

Why We Need To Look Into Alternative Plastic Free Wrap Options:

Bee Green Wraps were lovingly created out of a desire to provide an affordable alternative to plastic cling film and plastic zip-lock bags. Which I am sure we have all used in our life at some point or even still do use. Not only do these wraps solve an environmental problem, but they eliminate the need to wrap your food in petro chemicals – named plastic! So nothing unnatural or toxic is leeching into your food and you alone are helping out by not adding to the ever growing landfill problem of non biodegradable waste!

 What Are Bee Green Wraps Made From?

Bee Green Wraps are proudly made in Australia and are perfect for keeping ‘real food’ fresh for longer. Made with non-synthetic components or ingredients these wraps are made by infusing natural fibres with a special blend of Australian Beeswax, Tree Resin and Certified Organic Jojoba Oil. So in short Bee Green Wraps are truly natural and 100% Biodegradable, once they have reached the end of their life pop these into the compost heap and the cotton will biodegrade – how fabulous is that? Even the packaging the Bee Green Wraps come in is printed in Australia on recycled card with environmentally friendly ink and foiling!

What Can You Use Them For?

These Wraps not only promote a plastic free environment, but healthy homes and healthy lunchboxes with their versatility and your imagination!  They can be used to cover and transport food because they are mould able, strong and water resistant but best of all they are re-usable! Perfect for storing/covering/wrapping fruit, veg, garden produce, nuts, sandwiches, cheese, bread, crackers and fermented foods in your lunchbox, fridge or pantry. Bee Green Wraps come in a variety of sizes in a gorgeous blend of colourful and eccentric prints to suit any occasion, you can grab them in: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Jumbo. We also stock value packs that suit a few different uses.

What Can I Use My Different Size Wraps For?

This is limited to your imagination because they are so versatile and depending on their size the possibilities are endless!  Due to the nature of the product the wraps will mould to whatever you are storing. With some gentle pressure and your own body heat the wraps will shape and cover your goodies without a toxin on sight.


Green Bee Wrap Sizes:

X Small 13 x 13cm - Perfect for covering over a glass, jar or over the end of a cucumber, half a lemon or half an onion – very useful

Small (20 x 20cm) - cover small plate or bowl, small block of cheese, wrap individual fruit pieces.
Medium (26 x 26cm) - small dinner plate, small bread roll, wrap tortilla/ flat bread and small bread rolls. Also good for cut up fruit/veg for the lunch box.
Large (31 x 31cm) - dinner plates, medium bowls, sandwich wrap, half cabbage, makes salad pouch
X-Large (35 x 35cm) - cover most fruit & veg, cover most large bowls.

Jumbo ( 40cm x 40cm) - Great for wrapping long items such as celery, silverbeet or leeks. It is also the size to use for wrapping loaves of bread or larger trays and platters.

Bee Green Wraps can also be purchased in a bulk pack which I recommend if you are planning on building up your collection! This set of wraps are really useful for multiple things as they come in a mix of various sizes per pack.

Starter Packs come with one S, M, L and XL wrap and is the most economical bulk pack, especially because you can use them for anything from packing some nuts in a pouch. Wrapping a sandwich to covering a medium to large bowls and even bread loves and fruit!

Lunch Box Set is perfect for just that – Lunches! This pack includes a large wrap, for sandwiches, bread rolls etc and a snack bag wrap, that can be folded to make a pouch for chopped fruit, veg sticks, crackers, nuts, baked treats or bliss balls. My kids are impressed with the designs of their packed lunches but more importantly they stay fresh until its time to eat AND there is no wastage, not a plastic piece in sight.

 Finally, the itsy Bitsy Extra Small Bulk Pack comes with 5 wraps that are perfect for covering over a glass jar, cup or small  or over the end of a cut piece of fresh fruit or vegetable e.g onion – I really love this one as it eliminates wastage and those cut leftover pieces of veggies or fruit that can be stored for a snack later. I also use this to pack school snacks like cheese sticks and sultanas.

There are many more ways these can be used. See Video How to make a bag, pocket or pouch – click here:

Enjoy the journey,

Be well xx 

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