Unpacking The Flora Remedia Range of Transformative Scents

Flora Remedia are new Australian Brand to The Well Store, who have created soothing and natural Aromatherapy roll on elixirs in transformative scents.

How do they work?

Taking care of yourself is incredibly important for your overall health. Your outer appearance is a massive indicator as to how you treat and care for yourself, as well as your age and lifestyle. That is why Flora Remedia believe that our emotional well being is just as important, so they have designed their beautiful perfumes to work to soothe and calm your mind and body to combat everyday emotional and physical ailments based on the properties of essential oils combined with flower essences.

What are they made with ?

Flora Remedia use a unique formulation of highly researched natural ingredients like organic essential oils sourced from different parts of the the world. Each organic essential oil has their own individual properties to which they are then combined with emotion balancing flower essences that were hand collected in the European countryside. Each hand picked scent will give you a total transformative mind-body experience. 

What can these perfumes do for me?

Apart from smelling beautiful without any toxins, these roll on scents/perfumes are a perfect pick-me-up when things are getting on top of you or when you need to be refreshed and balance your state of mind. They come in a 10ml roll-on bottle and are perfect to pop into your bag or in your pocket for times of need. To apply, just roll the aromatherapy oils onto your pulse points as often as needed: inner wrists, temples and behind ears and take it all in.  

Each of the 'Transformative Scent' range by Flora Remedia have specific purposes and unique benefits including;

Calming and de-stressing -  'Calm' Roll On 
Cleansing and preventing sickness - 'Immunity' Roll On
Energizing - 'Uplifting' Roll On 
Stopping worry - 'Let Go' Roll On 


Why we love them

Flora Remedia products are totally natural, vegan friendly and never test on animals. It gets all of our ticks of approval! It is also a natural alternative to chemical laden perfumes whilst also filling your body and mind with the transformative power of nature!

Be Well xx

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