Eco Gifting - Our Top 5 Gifts

Our Top 5 Eco Gifting Picks

This year we have had a huge amount of feedback about the need for thoughtful, sustainable & eco friendly gifts. This such a joy in itself to see how gifting patterns are changing!

So we have picked our TOP 5 Eco Gifting Goodies that WE know you will love!

  • Bee Green Wraps $29.90 ( 4 pack)

These have got to be the funkiest, yet most functional and very environmentally sustainable products we began stocking 3 years ago. These bees wax wraps are made fro organic cotton and with a Beeswax and Tree Resin. Replacing cling film, zip lock backs and even containers! They are a eco must! Biodegradable and completely waste free. Available in single or multiple packs!


Eco Deluxe Shopper Set- $69.00

For anyone who wants to eliminate the need for plastic when they are out and about, but not only that this pack has helpful storage solutions too! With x 2 unbleached cotton shopper bags, x 6 produce bags for both shopping with fresh produce (net and plain ), x 6 silicone reusable lids that are fantastic to cover and store food with , x 1 Vegetable scrubber brush or even can be used a kitchen cleaning brush. This pack will save you money and also alleviate more waste!


  • Micro Greens Windowsill Box $49.95

Grow your own 3 microgreen varieties: Rocket, Cabbage Red and Radish sprouting seeds with this sleek little Windowsill box. This ceramic and bamboo box is the perfect way to grow your own microgreens when space is limited!


  • Retro Cellulose Biodegradable Kitchen Cloths $5.95

Who knew that dishcloths could be eco friendly, functional and stylish at the same time!
These Retro Kitchen dish cloths are made from cotton and cellulose, not only do these dish cloths add some fun to the kitchen sink, they are super absorbent, machine washable and 100% biodegradable. Throw these in the compost bin or bury in your garden – no waste left behind!


  • Reusable safety Razors $30.00 - $35.00

Waste free, plastic free stylish reusable razors are the ultimate bathroom necessity! Get a cleaner and smoother shave with these razors whilst never having to buy another disposable razor again! Fully recyclable. Comes in a range of colours!


All goodies are packed in plastic free packaging, in brown paper and cardboard packages!



Happy Eco Gifting,

Be well xx


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