Even during this time of Isolation, we can still be part of Earth Day 2020! This year marks the 50th anniversary of this planet loving day and even though it is only 24 hours of action it will drive actions big and small, whilst more importantly it is a time to take a strong stance for the planet. It might even beginning  the eco journey for so many others that starts TODAY.

Let's, make these 24 hours of action count, you can still take part even during Isolation. Here is how you can make a difference at home:

1. Make Your Meal Plant Based

By choosing meals free of animal products it relieves our planet of the burdens of animal agriculture. This is a huge contributor to ecological destruction and climate change. On average the total amount of water needed to produce 0.5 kg of beef is over 6,000 litres of water... food for thought!

Plant based food wellness earth day 2020

2. Plant A Tree and Get Those Green Thumbs Going!

Plants provide shade, look beautiful and most importantly give us clean air to breathe! Plant a tree that fits your life style and space. With so many online stores, the variety is never ending!

trees earth day wellness


3.Start A Discussion !

Its an easy one, have a chat with friends on social media and share ideas of how we can take daily steps or eco swaps that are planet friendly! Remember the more we share the need to look after the planet and spread the word a greater awareness is shared!

4. Flick The Switch on Renewable Energy!

Make a phone call and switch to a renewable energy company, that uses sustainable sources like wind and solar, this will lower your carbon footprint immediately. Every time you switch a light on at home you know that is it is form a sustainable planet friendly source.

renewable energy earth friendly eco living

5. Eco Clean Time

While we are in isolation it might be time to clean and organise, so why not ditch the toxin filled cleaning products and make your own? Simple recipes like using Vinegar and sprinkling Baking Soda can make a tough cleaning job an easy one minus any dangerous fumes or residue getting washed into our water system and effecting our marine life! For more DIY recipes:

 Every little bit helps, collectively we can make a huge difference! Let's make everyday count.


Be well xx


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