4 Natural Moroccan Beauty Secrets Revealed


If you thought Argan oil was the tip of the iceberg for Moroccan beauty secrets, think again. Moroccan heritage beauty has a few more things to offer and Moroccan women take great care of their skin, with ancestral traditions celebrated to this day.

Akhal is a new for-purpose company that brings to Australia organic and socially good skincare made ethically by Moroccan women’s cooperatives. Through this skincare range, Myriam, Akhal Beauty’s founder wanted to help develop the cooperative ecosystem in Morocco and finance children's education in those communities. Here she explains how Moroccan women use these products and how you can incorporate them to your beauty regimen.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is the most famous beauty export from Morocco and has been marketed by cosmetic companies as a hair product. Beyond its efficacy on dry and damaged hair, Argan oil is the best plant-based multipurpose oil you will find. Indigenous Moroccan women have used it for centuries to heal dry skin, scars, stretch marks, eczema, and many other skin ailments. It works because of its high content in Vitamin E, twice the amount you can find in Olive Oil. It also does not hurt that it is a dry oil that sinks into your skin as soon as you put it on and has only a subtle smell.

Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul clay, also known as Moroccan Lava clay, is mined from ancient deposits within the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. “Rhassoul” means “that which washes” in Moroccan. Rhassoul Clay is one of the more rare and pure clays of the earth and was once reserved for Egyptian royalty.

In Morocco, it has been used for centuries as a cleanser and conditioner for hair and skin and it is today a popular treatment in world-class spas. It is a very efficient clay that will remove impurities without drying your skin and hair. Rhassoul surpasses other clays because of its higher content in silica and magnesium.  In Morocco, it is customary to mix it with Rose water to turn the powder into a gorgeous smelling paste which is then applied on the face and neck to remove impurities, and hydrate the skin.

Rose Water

Most oriental cultures are obsessed with roses and Morocco is no different. Rosa x Damascena, the rose variety used for our Rose Hydrolat has a very short flowering season and a very sweet smell. It is a symbol of beauty and love and you will find it incorporated in food, décor for the house and beauty rituals in many Moroccan households. In beauty, Rose Hydrolat is used both as a toner to hydrate the skin and as a much-needed refresher during the hot summer months. Beyond its gorgeous smell, its antibacterial and antioxidant properties made Rose water a staple of Moroccan beauty that has endured for generations.


Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Prickly Pear Seed Oil is the latest breakthrough product from Morocco. It is the improved and supercharged version of Prickly Pear Oil, a long-held secret remedy used by indigenous women living in pre-Sahara Desert region to protect their skin from the harsh weather conditions. The prickly pear seed offer up an oil that has 150% more Vitamin E than argan oil. For mature skin, this is the best natural alternative to anti-ageing creams. In addition to Vitamin E, Prickly Pear Seed Oil is full of good fatty acids and phytosterols, which all help cellular regeneration. This oil is the outcome of a painstaking process whereby indigenous women harvest on average one tonne of fruits to obtain enough seeds to cold press one litre of oil. 

The Well Store is proud to stock Akhal with it's tranparent nature and rich quality of natural and luxurious line of products. We love the fact that not only are the products good for you but also ethically sourced. Akhal supports a network of Indigenous Morrocan woman and thier families whilst also supporting and driving the importance of education for the growing generation amongst the harvesting villages. To learn more about Akhal Beauty’s impact on children education click here

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