Vanessa Megan - Rose and Camomile Hydrating Face Cream 50ml

Vanessa Megan - Rose and Camomile Hydrating Face Cream 50ml

Vanessa Megan has carefully chosen ingredients from nature to create this hydrating face cream. The cream has a rich velvety...
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Vanessa Megan has carefully chosen ingredients from nature to create this hydrating face cream. The cream has a rich velvety texture and absorbs very easily into the skin. It's packed with active certified organic ingredients: oils and extracts, which are known to soothe dehydrated, tired and sensitive skin types. The Rose & Chamomile Hydrating Face Cream is known to help assist redness in skin tone, particularly good for rosacea and extremely dry skin. 

This Hydrating face cream contains Jojoba Oil which has properties which help to reduce wrinkles or fine lines, Hemp Seed Oil is high in Omega - 3 essential fatty acids and fights the signs of ageing whilst Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant that can penetrate the deep layers of the skin and promote collagen production to keep the skin looking and feeling young and supple.



Place a small amount into the palm of your hand and massage into face and neck after cleansing. For external use only. In the unlikely event of irritation, discontinue use. Store below 30°C in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Note How Correctly Use Vanessa Megan Airless Bottles And Pumps.

Vanessa Megan chooses to use airless bottles, as they help to keep the certified organic product fresher than jars or other regular bottles and pumps. It omits air getting to the product, helping keep it’s shelf life and longer. There are a few ways to use the airless pumps if you are having difficulties removing a product from the bottle.

The airless bottles have no dip tube, but rather a diaphragm that rises to evacuate the product. When you depress the pump, it creates a vacuum effect, drawing the product upwards. You can use almost all of the products without any waste left. 

Because it is an airless pump, there is no tube inside and the pump/lid should NOT be removed if at all possible, this can contaminate the product and can compromise the vacuum effect. When you first get your product, you will most likely need to pump it 20-30 times to create a seal and get your cream flowing. After this first time, it shouldn't need pumping and should work as normal.

If you have already removed your pump, please screw it back on tightly. After you have done this, tap the bottle on a hard surface 2-3 times. You will then need to pump the moisturizer approximately 30 times to expel any air that you let in by opening the bottle.

If you are still unable to access your cream, please try removing the black "stopper" from the bottom of your product. You may need to use a small paper clip or bobby pin to hook through the small hole at the bottom to provide leverage. Once removed, you will have access to reach up and push the clear plastic stopper up toward the dispenser. After this, please replace the black stopper and try pumping your product again.

100% Natural / 81.15% Certified Organic: *Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf juice, *Simmondsia chinensis seed (Jojoba) oil, Cetearyl olivate (Olive emulsifier), Sorbitan olivate (Olive emulsifier), *Cannabis sativa (Hemp) seed oil, *Calendula officinalis (Calendula) extract, *Olive squalane, *Chamomila recutita (Chamomile) extract, *Glycerin, *Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) butter, Glyceryl caprylate, Xanthan gum, Tocopheryl acetate (Natural vitamin E), Sambucus nigra (Fruit) extract, Rosa damascena flower (Rose otto) essential oil, *Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) leaf extract. *Certified organic ingredients

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