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La Mav - Daily Vitamin C Intensive Brightening Serum
La Mav have created a gorgeous Daily Brightening Serum which is a highly concentrated with...
La Mav - Anti Ageing Collection Pack
La Mav have created an Anti Ageing Collection pack which is the perfect way to get...
La Mav - Anti Dark - Circle Eye Gel
La Mav have created Anti Dark Circle and Ultra Firm Eye Gel, which revives, rejuvenates,...
La Mav - Anti-Ageing Face Tan Serum 50ml
La Mav's new Magnesium infused range features this nourishing facial serum which is suitable for...
La Mav - Anti-Ageing Mineral Foundation With Broad Spectrum SPF15
La Mav Anti-Ageing Mineral foundation is a concealer, foundation, sunscreen and powder all-in-one that provides...
La Mav - Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar
An advanced age-fighting serum formulated with CoEnzyme Q10 and Vitamin E to protect skin from...
La Mav - Bio VA5 Wrinkle Smoothing Daily Creme
La Mav have once again created a wonderful product for use on any skin type;...
La Mav - Coffee Bean Body Scrub
La Mav have created a delicious Certified Organic Coffee Bean Body Scrub that exfoliates dead skin...
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La Mav - Commiphora Extract Ultra Plumping Serum
La Mav’s one-of-a-kind plumping serum is a potent collagen boosting bio-active serum which helps to...
La Mav - Cranberry Bio- Exfoliating Scrub
Another beautiful creation by La Mav is this Cranberry Bio Exfoliating Scrub, it is a deep...
La Mav - Exfoliating Mitt
This multi-tasking mitt by La Mav promotes fresh skin and a flawless tan application. Its...
La Mav - Firming Eye Lotion
Transform the delicate eye area with this Certified Organic Firming Eye Lotion By La Mav. This...